Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 48

Strongest PR Presence Week 48

Black Friday had a huge impact on PR during week 48, the discounting of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order across various retailers led to the game topping this week’s chart. 35.6% of the PR for Fallen Order was based on daily deals & offers, 13.1% centered around sales & player numbers with Star Wars still appearing in the charts and 8.6% came from talk of retailers also relating to Black Friday.

Pokemon Sword and Shield dropped one position week on week this time coming in second. The most popular topic for Sword and Shield was guides, how to’s & walkthroughs as articles inform players how to find their favourite pocket monsters, this type of content made up 26.1% of the PR. Pokemon also featured within many a Black Friday deal and as such saw 15.3% of its PR focussing on daily deals & offers. A number of articles came out giving players ideal locations for catching certain Pokemon, this led to stages, locations & areas making up 14.1% of the games press.

Jumping back up into third in week 48 was Red Dead Redemption 2. The upcoming Steam launch of Red Dead meant that 25.5% of the press came under the retailers topic. 21.2% of PR was based on daily deals & offers, 9.8% the PR spoke about in-game features mostly touching on possible zombie modes and legendary hunts.

Death Stranding makes it once again into the top ten, also benefitting from a Black Friday boost the baby infused walking sim made it in to fourth. Black Friday content made up the biggest chunk of PR with the daily deals & offers topic accounting for 26.8%, DLC & content updates was 11.6% with talk of the upcoming patch and sales & player numbers made up a further 10.5%.

Another week another top ten placement for Fortnite, in week 48 it was fifth. A hefty 41.9% of Fortnite’s PR was daily deals & offers themed, followed by guides, how to’s & walkthroughs at 9.8% and then in-game features with 9.4% with articles based on a variety of gameplay possibilities.

Cyberpunk 2077 returned to the top ten in week 48 after a number of weeks absence. CD PROJEKT RED’s highly anticipated futuristic epic returned in sixth after a lot of talk surrounding launch details as it was announced Cyberpunk would not be launching day one on the next generation of consoles, the launch details subject made up 21% of the press. 20.8% of the games press touched on the topic of in-game features with a lot of talk surrounding microtransactions. Development details was up next at 14.9% after news came out about the title nearing completion.

Square Enix fans rejoiced in week 48 as new Final Fantasy VII Remake details emerged pushing the title into seventh. Screenshots & artwork was the most popular topic at 45.6% with new screenshots exciting fans and press alike. Character introduction trailers were also released leading the topic of trailers, video & gameplay making up 12.4% of the press. Game details revealed during these info releases led to in-game features being 9.2% of the online conversation.

Fifa 20 took the eighth position in the chart after huge amounts of Black Friday coverage. 60.6% of Fifa’s press came under the daily deals & offers category as the game was commonly mentioned in articles about Black Friday reductions. In a similar theme retailers made up 10.5% as lists of specific stores Black Friday deals did the rounds also featuring Fifa. 8.9% of the football sims PR came under the sales & player numbers umbrella as Fifa 20 continued to feature in sales charts.

Talk of new DLC made up 25.8% of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s press and helped push the record breaking shooter into ninth in week 48. Additional game modes added within the 1.11 update led to in-game features being the second most covered topic with 19.8%. 11.2% of the press focussed on bug issues & patches as articles got in to the nitty gritty of what would be fixed in the game’s update.

Down in tenth this week was Destiny 2. A substantial chunk of Destiny’s press came as a result of its presence on the Google Stadia platform which meant 22.8% of said press related to the technical specs topic. Destiny 2 also benefitted from a Black Friday boost like aforementioned titles, PR for Bungie’s on the topic of daily deals & offers made up 16.7% of week 48 coverage. Announcements was the next most popular subject at 11.4%, articles touched on Destiny being a free title on Stadia, the games Dawn Season and The Game Awards.