Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 8

Strongest PR Presence Top Ten Week 8

Fortnite ruled the roost in week 8, coming in first, after a 114% increase in activity week on week. Details of the newly arriving Season 2 were heavily circulated leading to the DLC / content update topic making up 28.1% of the games PR. Up next was storyline as the narrative continues to unfold in the latest season, the storyline topic was 17.8% of the Fortnite PR. In-game features followed up at 7.3% as a lot of articles on other titles compared modes with Fortnite.

The big N finally treated Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans to more details on the upcoming Switch outing pushing the title in to second. As is customary with Nintendo the bulk of this new info came in the way of a Nintendo Direct stream, Nintendo Direct the subject was 47.4% of the PR. Launch details made up 7.1% of the Animal Crossing coverage followed by other video and then trailer for a combined 10.8%.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s rumoured Warfare mode was still highly covered in week 8 but not with the same frequency as the previous week, CoD dropped from first in to third. The in-game features topic was once again the most covered at 39.4% but in week 8 attention shifted to Activision trying to take action against the Warfare leakers. Continued discussions about Warfare led to a 11.7% chunk of press coming under the leak / rumour / speculation subject. Launch details accounted for 9.7% of coverage again relating to the Warfare mode.

Up in fourth and in the top ten the first time in many weeks was Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Rather unsurprisingly, Siege’s most covered topic was eSports at 38.9%. Next up was launch details as news outlets spoke about covered the news that Rainbow Six Siege will be launching on the next generation of consoles, this news made up 25.6% of the total press. In-game features was up next with 9.3% of articles specifically focusing on the cross platform capabilities of the next release.

Cyberpunk 2077 returned to the top ten in week 8 snagging the fifth spot. A hefty 52.9% of the games press came under the technical specs topic as discussions of tie-in GPUs and ray tracing capabilities did the rounds. Special editions was the second most covered topic as articles spoke about the Nvidia limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 GPU which would be raffled off to the adoring fans. 12.3% of press came under the launch details topic as news about Cyberpunk releasing on Nvidia’s GeForce platform did the rounds.

After a prolonged absence from the top ten, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt made its return in at sixth. Three topics made up the bulk of the games press, the first of which was retailer at 26.1%, as news came out revealing the game had amassed $50 million in sales on Steam. 23.1% of the coverage for The Witcher 3 came under the bug issue / patches banner as the Switch port received an update which included cross platform save sharing. In-game features accounted for 19.9% of the PR as outlets broke down features in the new patch.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake dropped from fifth down in to seventh in week 8. The biggest topic surrounding the game was other event as it was announced VII Remake events planned for PAX East had to be cancelled. Technical specs was next at 15.8% after word got out that the remake will take up over 100GB of hard drive space on PS4. New gameplay footage showcasing DLC summons garnered attention from outlets the world over and took the trailer topic to 13.9%.

Media Molecule’s game building game, Dreams, managed to hold position in eighth. As is often the case with newly released titles, the review topic was the most covered, in the case of Dreams it took up 31.8% of the total PR. The second most talked about topic was again predictable given the nature of the title, fan creations, at 15%. Launch details was a well discussed topic for Dreams at 11.7% as Media Molecule commented on their intentions with regards to the next generation of the Playstation.

League of Legends returned to the top ten after a few weeks of absence, this time in at ninth. eSports was the most covered topic for LoL at 60.1%, press was based on a variety of events that took place in the previous week. Bug issues / patches was the next most discussed subject with a considerably lower 6.6% followed by livestream / podcast / speedrun at 5.6% where there was a a scattering of articles regarding the Twitch platform.

Finally, in tenth place, Fifa 20. As is often the case, Fifa 20 continues to sell enough to be featured on weekly sales articles which led to a 21% share of PR on the sales / player numbers topic. eSports made up 17.1% of the Fifa 20 press in week 8, a variety of eSports events were talked about all over the globe. Launch details was the third most covered subject with 13.3%, the arrival of the Copa Libertadores competition in game accounted for the majority of the launch details themed coverage.