Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 10

Strongest PR Presence Top Ten Week 10

Kicking things off in a big way, in at number one, was Final Fantasy VII Remake with a huge 1800+ activities, the most for a single game in a week this year. The big news regarding the FFVII Remake was the release of the games demo, the demo/early assess/beta topic made up 34.7% of the total PR. Launch details was 15% of the Final Fantasy coverage as articles talked about the demo before it launched. Retailer was the third most talked about topic at 7.4% as the press reported on which retailers would distribute the demo and/or final game.

Death Stranding returned to the top ten in week 10 after many weeks of absence, Kojima’s first solo outing managed to grab the ninth spot. As the game gears up for its PC launch in-game features was the dominant topic, features like a photo mode and Denuvo DRM led the topic to a 30.8% piece of the PR pie. Launch details was of course a popular subject, accounting for 16% of the overall discussion. A PC release trailer dropped which meant the trailer/video/gameplay topic made up a 14% chunk of the coverage.

Down again week on week from second to third, in week 10, was Fortnite. The most prominent topic for Fortnite was DLC/content update at 11.3% as Season 2 news continued to trickle through. eSports was up next with 9.7%, as is often the case a variety of stories were covered, a controversial FaZe clan Fortnite player who got banned from the game featured frequently. 9.3% of the Fortnite’s press came under the in-game features topic, a lot of the articles talked in depth about what was featured in the latest update.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive jumped up from ninth to fourth from the week previous. Whilst the title experienced a 65% increase in activity week on week, the breakdown of the press was much the same as previous weeks. 49% of the coverage was based around the eSports topic with the rest of being spread across a number of other topics in small amounts.

The highly anticipated Doom Eternal landed up in fifth as marketing started to pick up before the games release. Technical specs was the most covered topic at 26%, press picked up developers suggestion that Eternal could run at 1000fps on the right set up. Soundtrack was 21.1% of Doom’s press as Bethesda put out a behind the scenes video of the creation of the new soundtrack. New gameplay footage was also put out in week 10 which led to the other video topic reaching 13.5%.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare continued its run in the top ten this time in at sixth. Warzone talks reached fever pitch with press and fans alike chomping at the bit for new info, these Warzone themed conversations led to the in game features topic accounting for 22.1% of the games PR. Leak/rumour/speculation was a 11.5% chunk of the press, again touching on the Warzone mode. Launch details was up next with 7.9%, whilst some of the launch details discussion did talk about Warzone a larger bulk centred around the release of the Tomogunchi.

Seventh place in week 10 went to League of Legends. Much like Counter Strike previously, the bulk of LoL’s coverage fell under the eSports topic to the tune of 41.4%. Bug issues/patches held a 7.6% chunk of the PR with the 1.05 and 1.06 patches being outlined. 6.7% of the LoL’s press belonged to the in-game features topic mainly because of articles comparing features with recently announced Valorant.

Resident Evil 3 dropped four places down in to eighth despite only a 14% drop in activity week on week. Trailer/video/gameplay was the biggest piece of the PR puzzle for RE3 at 40.7% as a new gameplay reveal stream took place. In-game features made up 17.6% of the coverage, articles broke down new gameplay mechanics featured in the stream. Posts including the stream itself were 7.4% of the total PR under the livestream/podcast/speedrun topic.

After a two week absence from the top ten Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 returns in ninth. The Division 2’s PR was broken down fairly even across all topics. 13.8% of said press came under DLC/content update with the Warlords of New York expansion going live. In-game features accounted for 13.1% of the coverage as outlets talked about specific additions made to the game in the expansion. The Trailer/video/gameplay topic was 10.1% of the conversation as a new trailer for the Warlords of New York expansion was released.

Valorant makes in first appearance in the top ten after announcement on March 2nd. In tenth place, Valorant had a fairly equally spread range of press topics. The most covered topic was trailer/video/gameplay at 20% as a gameplay preview was shared with the public. In-game features was up next with 16.4%, outlets broke down what had been seen in the gameplay preview in further detail. Developer details was the third most discussed topic, again relating to the gameplay preview.