Whilst Marvel’s Avengers launched in week 36 a lot of the coverage that got the game to number one in the Strongest PR Presence Top Ten was based on the titles planned post launch content. The biggest topic for the game, at 16.7%, was War Table. War Table streams are the method Square Enix uses to distribute information about the Marvel’s Avengers game. Obviously with the game launching the Launch Details topic was a well-covered one, it made up 10.5% of the games press. Guide/Walkthrough was the third most talked about subject with 8.2%, articles helped new players complete goals in the game. As always, Fortnite grabbed a Top Ten slot, this week number two despite a 34% drop in activity week on week. Technical Specs was the driving topic for Fortnite after it revealed the game would be getting NVIDIA ray tracing and DLSS support soon, activity on this news made up 23.3% of the week’s coverage. As is often the case the Guide/Walkthrough topic was well talked about, it made up 10.9% of the Fortnite PR in week 36. Another ever present topic for Fortnite is DLC/Content Update, this time around it made up a 9.9% chunk of the coverage. Cyberpunk 2077 returned to the Strongest PR Presence Top Ten in week 36, snagging the number three spot. Like Fortnite previously, Cyberpunk picked up a lot of coverage as it played a part in the NVIDA stream that took place, this led the Technical Specs topic to a 20.2% piece of the Cyberpunk PR pie. Up next was Launch Details, Cyberpunk was mentioned in a lot of articles which talked about the launch of next gen hardware and NVIDA tech, content of this variety made up 13.3% of the games press. The Trailer topic accounted for 9.5% of Cyberpunks coverage in week 36, a new ray tracing trailer was shown at the NVIDA event but Cyberpunk 2077 was also mentioned alongside indie title Just Die Already. Just Die Already received a new trailer which looked remarkably similar to previously seen Cyberpunk footage, Just Die Already devs assured press sites this was purely coincidental. A newly announced game grabbed the number four spot in the Week 36 Top Ten. Super Mario 3D All-Stars was revealed as part of a Mario Bros. 35<sup>th</sup> anniversary Direct, the Nintendo Direct topic understandably made up 28.6% of the 3D All Stars press. 22% of the game’s coverage came under the Announcement topic, again, not much of a surprise. Launch Details came in just after with 12.9% as outlets touched on the game’s release date and rather unusually, the date at which the game will stop being sold. Another title which received a PR boost from its inclusion in the NVIDA stream was Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the boost helped Cold War secure the number five spot. Like other titles featured in the NVIDA stream, Technical Specs was a driving topic for Black Ops Cold War, it made up 13.1% of the coverage. Launch Details was the second most discussed topic, Cold War was mentioned in a lot of articles relating to a possible PS5 staggered worldwide launch and articles about launching NVIDA tech, the topic was 11.9% of the overall PR for the game. It’s not often a 24-year-old product makes its way into the Strongest PR Presence Top Ten but that’s just what happened in week 36 as Super Mario 64 made it in to sixth. Super Mario 64 is one of the titles featured in the newly announced Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection and as such its press coverage broke down in a similar fashion; 30.6% for Nintendo Direct, 22.8% for Announcements and then Launch Details at 11.4%. In seventh again for the same reason as Super Mario 64 was Super Mario Sunshine. The breakdown for Sunshine was as follows; Nintendo direct at 32.1%, Announcements with 23.5% and then Launch Details at 11.2%. You might be asking yourself what year it is after reading number six and seven but seeing that Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 made it into eighth won’t help you out. The remaster of the first two titles in the series released in week 36 and at 13.4% Reviews was the most talked about topic. Launch Details was up next with 11.4% and the Guide/Walkthrough at 6.7% as articles helped players find every stat point and hidden tape. The final title in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection, Super Mario Galaxy picked up the number nine spot in week 36. The activity broke down over the same topics are its predecessors; Nintendo Direct at 31.8%, Announcements with 24.7% and then Launch Details at 10.5%. Formerly Gods and Monsters, now Immortals: Fenyx Rising, the highly anticipated Ubisoft new IP rounds out the Strongest PR Presence Top Ten. News that the title will be shown at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward event led the topic of the same name to a 40.2% cut of the games PR. E3 was rather surprisingly the second most covered topic at 13.2%, articles mentioned how the title was originally announced at a previous E3 event when talking about the name change. Launch Details sat at 11.5%, details about the date on which we should expect to see Fenyx Rsising release leaked through a product page on the Microsoft store. The Leak/Spoiler/Rumour/Speculation topic followed up at 11.1% with articles looking at the leak as a whole rather than just the release date aspect of the leak.