Well it didn’t take long, but Fortnite returns to the number one spot in the weekly Strongest PR Presence top ten. Fortnite’s coverage increased 59% week on week, which is a lot for a title which already ranks high up in the Top Ten each week. The Opposed topic was the area in which the game received the biggest chunk of its coverage; Epic’s attack on the 30% V-Bucks tax they pay for using the Apple and Google stores was the driving news story. The usual Fortnite topics; Guide/Walkthrough and DLC/Content Updates came next with 8.5% and 7.3% respectively. After a week out, Halo Infinite returns to the Top Ten in the number two spot. Unfortunately, the attention gained was for negative reasons; the games release date got pushed back, the Launch Delays topic was 29% of the games overall coverage. Similarly, the Launch Details topic was also heavily discussed, it was 27.2% of the Halo Infinite press. Xbox Series X, the topic, added on another 10.4% as articles focussed on the delays impact on the consoles launch line-up. Cyberpunk 2077 returned once again to the Strongest PR Presence rankings after the second episode of the Night City Wire, Cyberpunk made it in to third. New trailers were made available to the adoring fans which led the Trailer topic to a 18.8% piece of the PR pie. 12.6% of the game’s coverage fell under the In-Game Elements topic with new gameplay being shown in the Night City Wire trailers. The Other Videos topic had an 8% cut of the Cyberpunk press as a video on the music of the game also came out. After a wildly successful launch it’s unsurprising to see Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout sticking around in the Strongest PR Presence rankings, up one place week on week at fourth. Sales/Player Numbers was the major talking point for the game in week 33, the topic was 18.4% of the game’s coverage as it topped sales charts and moved over 2 million copies on Steam alone. News of an update coming to the game also did the rounds, content of this nature made up 9.6% of the Fall Guys coverage. Guide/Walkthrough was the third most covered topic at 9.1% with media outlets lending a helping hand to those in search of their first crown. Marvel’s Avengers dropped four spots week on week, grabbing the number five spot in week 33. The Avengers beta was the dominant topic for the game, it made up 21.9% of the coverage. Technical Specs was up next with 14.9% as details of how the game would run on PC and Playstation were released. The third most covered topic for Marvel’s Avengers was Announcements, various details about to upcoming game where released over the week which all contributed to the topics 8.8% share of the activity. One of the year’s biggest releases, The Last of Us: Part 2, returned to the Top Ten in week 33 snagging the sixth position. Content Updates was the driving topic for the game as it was announced new modes and various fixes would be making their way to the players consoles, the topic made up 26.6% of The Last of Us’ press. The Last of Us: Part 2 continues to sell well even as the weeks since its launch pile up, the Sales/Player Numbers subject was therefore the second most touched on topic at 10.8%. Further articles which focussed more on the patch notes and bug fixes associated with the new update made up another 9.6% of the game’s coverage.Call of Duty: Warzone players have been having nightmare-ish experiences as of late; the coverage relating to these experiences helped the titles hit seventh in week 33. Articles on the “Terrifying Black Cubes” seen throughout the game led the Bugs/Issues/Patches/Updates topic to a 23.4% chunk of the game’s coverage. In the same ilk the DLC/Content Update topic, worth 12.2%, was the second most covered topic. Announcements was up next at 10% as players and media outlets began to piece together clues which possibly relate to the reveal of the next game in franchise. Down one spot, in eighth, is Grand Theft Auto V. The GTA Online Summer Special kicked off in week 33 which led the DLC/Content Update to a 17.7% share of the game’s overall press. Launch Details was up next at 11.3% as Rockstar outlined the differences that will be seen when GTA launches on its third generation of consoles. Then came Livestream for 10% which say GTA was mentioned in a variety of articles speaking on things like Fall Guys overtaking as the most streamed title and the rebranding of Twitch’s Prime service which offers benefits to GTA players. No stranger to the Top Ten, Fifa 21 was able to grab the ninth spot for week 33. Further details about what would feature in the next iteration of the sporting sim were made available, this led the Modes/Interface topic to a 30% piece of the PR pie. The trailer in which the modes were discussed was the second most covered subject; the topic had a 21.5% share. The Launch Details topic made up a further 6.5% of the coverage with a lot of articles talking about how the title will look and function on the upcoming consoles. Despite a 56% drop in activity Call of Duty: Modern Warfare still managed to remain in the Strongest PR Presence rankings at tenth. As mentioned previously with Warzone, the battle royale portion of the game was hampered with glitches which required a patch across both titles, the Bugs/Issues/Patches/Updates therefore made up a 17.3% chunk of the overall press. Also, like Warzone, the second most covered topic was DLC/Content Update at 13%. The coverage for Modern Warfare then split from Warzone as the third most talked about subject was Sales/Player Numbers, as Modern Warfare was mentioned in various sales charts from all over the world.