Viral Influencer Campaign Analysis

Viral Influencer campaigns appear to be the ‘smart’ newest method in raising a video game’s profile among gamers and the wider public. In this short video we delve into a few recent campaigns and expose some interesting outcomes!

(First published February 2021)

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E3 2021 Roundup

E3 2021 Roundup Elden Ring takes the overall E3 2021 top spot with the most combined PR & Social presence over six days of E3, also grabbing the most Reddit Upvotes.

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Discoverability Knowing how visible your products are across various digital stores, how many prominent positions you take up and what areas of the store your products feature in, is powerful data.We’ve

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UK Top 10 Titles 2021

UK Top 10 Titles May 2021 Welcome to the monthly Fancensus UK update on the top 10 games sold for May 2021; physical, digital and then combined overall. There are 2

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