Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 42

Strongest PR Presence Week 42 2019


The Fortnite “blackout” took place in week 42 so it’s of no surprise to see the game way out in front in the top ten. The arrival of the games second chapter led to the topic of storyline making up 23.2% the PR. 9.2% of the weeks PR came in the way of trailers, videos and gameplay with a further 8.2% focussing on the subject of in-game events specifically.

League of Legends also had a big PR week due to their Worlds 2019 eSports event getting fully under way, helping the game jump from tenth in the previous week up to second. eSports was 18.9% of the games press with another 11% talking launch details of the upcoming LoL mobile app.

In third in week 42 was Overwatch, making its return to the top ten after the release of the Switch port of the game. 11% of the Overwatch PR focussed on the topic of launch details, the upcoming Halloween in-game event made up 9.2%. eSports was the next most popular topic at 9%, discussion was predominantly based around League of Legends developers creating a Overwatch like eSports for release in the future.

The Outer Worlds had an impressive 600% increase in activity in week 42, pushing Obsidian’s latest project in to fourth. As the title gears up for launch trailers, videos and gameplay became the most popular topic making up 21.4% of the press coverage, 13.7% of activities were based on technical specs after details emerged of the PC requirements and differences between Xbox and Playstation editions. The discussions continued in content based on development details which amounted to 11.2% and specifically touched on the difference in how the game was developed for different platforms.

In fifth in week 42 was Red Dead Redemption 2, down two places on the previous week. The new PC trailer released by Rockstar led to trailers, videos and gameplay being the most covered topic with 36.4%. Launch details, again regarding the PC port, made up 11.4% of discussion followed by technical specs at 5.1%.

Pokemon Sword and Shield make their way in to the top ten taking the sixth spot. 14.6% of the content centred around trailers, videos and gameplay with the new Gigantamax trailer doing the rounds. Specific discussion based on the characters themselves accounted for 10.8% of the PR.

Down from fourth to seventh after a 26% decrease in activity was Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It was good news for COD fans as 21.7% of the PR talked about Modern Warfare not containing a “loot box” system. Trailers, videos and gameplay were the next most discussed topic with 11.1%, in-game events made up an additional 10.6% focussing mainly on the seasons announced as part of the Battle Pass.

After a week out of the top ten, Death Stranding returns in week 42 in eighth position. Trailers, videos and gameplay were the most talked about single topic at 15.2% with Hideo Kojima indicating that the games launch trailer has almost been completed. Further discussion of the launch details of the game took place making up 5.6%, 5.4% of the weeks chatter spoke about reviews as the embargo was announced for November 1st.

In similar fashion to Overwatch, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt returned to the top ten after a prolonged absence with the release of the Nintendo Switch port of the title. Some of the bigger chunks of activity for The Witcher 3 broke down as follows: 18.2% in-game features, 11.3% trailers, videos and gameplay. 8.2% of the PR for The Witcher was based on special editions with talk of how the Complete Edition faired in its debut on the Switch.

Fifa 20 dropped five places in week 42 moving down in to tenth position. As with the week previous sales and player numbers remained high on the list of topics being discussed, this week at 13.6%. Bug issues and patches accounted for 8.2% of the weeks PR talking specifically about the games fourth title update. Similarly to the previous week, 7.7% of activity touched on the subject of eSports but with no one particular theme.