Conditional Icons

Simple to understand visual prompts.
Use to easily track changes or progress in relation to set KPIs.
You decide under what conditions an icon is displayed, make a smile appear if you hit 90% average review score or a thumbs up if a tweet gets 5k retweets! 

Contact your account manager for more details.

3 New Graph Types

New Graphs For Even Deeper Analysis There are now 3 additional graphs for you to add to your reports: Area Chart – an extension of our already established line charts. This visually shows the

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New UI & Functionality

Enhanced UI And Functionality The best just got better!Find out how to use some of Fusions new features, including a greatly enhanced interface and navigation system, a fully upgraded Global Filter system and more:

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Parent Child Widgets

Data often reveals statistics that you didn’t expect. Now with our new Parent ~ Child widgets, switching between games, publishers and developers to gain deeper insight is now only a click away. Instantly see

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