Conditional Icons

Simple to understand visual prompts.
Use to easily track changes or progress in relation to set KPIs.
You decide under what conditions an icon is displayed, make a smile appear if you hit 90% average review score or a thumbs up if a tweet gets 5k retweets! 

Contact your account manager for more details.

More New Charts

We’ve Added New Charts For More Data Analysis! We’re constantly striving to improve our analytical offering in Fusion, therefore some of the charts and graphs that we already include have been enhanced with additional

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New Discoverability Data Source

Game Discoverability Announcing our all new data source, available now in Fusion! Instantly see and understand the exposure your game has across global digital & physical retailers. Completely integrate this new data with our

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3 New Graph Types

New Graphs For Even Deeper Analysis There are now 3 additional graphs for you to add to your reports: Area Chart – an extension of our already established line charts. This visually shows the

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