Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot came out first in the week 4 strongest PR top ten. 10.5% of the games press came from guides, how to’s and walkthroughs, 9.3% came from reviews and then a further 4.9% from sales & player numbers, all of which are the topics which tend to make up the larger chunks of PR after a game’s released.

Next, up in second was Fortnite. The biggest chunk of the press for Fortnite came by way of DLC & content update at 9.9% with coverage talking about the exclusive iKonik skin being removed from some player’s games. eSports was the second most discussed topic at 7.8% and then storyline at 6.8% just after.

Doom Eternal made it to number three in week 4. The most covered topic for Doom was trailer, video & gameplay at 16.7% following the official gameplay reveal. Next was launch details with 8.5% and then in-game features at 6.2%.

The fourth most covered game was Cyberpunk 2077, despite a 38% decrease in activity week on week. The major news regarding Cyberpunk as of late has been the news of the games delay, coverage surrounding the delay continued to trickle in leading to the launch details topic making up 21.9% of the games PR. Next up was development details at 7.2% which also tied in the delay topic with the news that Cyberpunk will require significant crunch to make it to the shelves on time. Leak, rumour and speculation was the next most talked about topic with rumours surrounding the reasons for the delay beginning to circulate.

League of Legends was the fifth most talked about game in week 4. Its unsurprising to see that eSports was the dominant topic accounting for 29% of the overall coverage as articles covered various tournaments, teams and players. 4.3% of League’s PR came under the subject of demo, early access & beta as details of off shoot game Legends of Runeterra’s open beta did the rounds. Breakdowns of LoL’s 10.2 patch notes picked up some coverage in the week making up 2.3%.

Up in sixth was Godfall, the upcoming action RPG from Counterplay Games and Gearbox Software. Gameplay footage of mysterious origins surfaced which led to the trailer, video & gameplay topic accounting for 20% of PR. The unknown origin of said footage also meant that 14.7% of the games coverage came under the leak, rumour & speculation subject. Also tied in to the news of the gameplay leak was discussion of the games release date, the release date is currently unknown but that didn’t stop news outlets covering the topic of launch details which was 11.7% of the games PR.

Dying Light 2 experienced a 1231% increase in activity in week 4 pushing the long awaited sequel into seventh. Part of the ongoing 2020 trend of games getting their release dates pushed back, Techland announced the delay of Dying Light 2, this led to the launch details topic making up 26.1% of the games coverage. Much like with Cyberpunk 2077 the second most covered subject was development details at 15.2%. Negative responses to the release date news also meant 1.7% of the games PR came under the opposed topic.

An unexpected newcomer in the strongest PR presence top ten is Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, which made it into eighth. The next instalment of the manga turned video game franchise got a surprise announcement in week 4 leading to the topic of the same name making up 27.5% of the games PR. Trailer, video & gameplay was up next with 11.7% followed by launch details with 2%.

Another newcomer to the strongest PR presence rankings was Temtem in ninth. The Pokemon rival launched at the start of week 4 picking up the usual coverage new games do. Guide, how to & walkthrough was the post prominent topic with 12.8%, trailer, video & gameplay was next with 7.8% and then demo, early access & beta with 7.2%.

Finally, in tenth place was Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead 2 saw a boost in sales as it made its way to Steam which in turn created a PR spike, 11.8% of which came under the retailer subject. Rockstar came under scrutiny with regards to their tax paying practices, which called into question when they will next launch a title, this discussion frequently mentioned Red Dead 2 leading to the launch details taking up a 6.6% chunk of the PR. The topic of play modes made up 5.5% of the games press as details of new content for the online mode came out.