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Top Key Influencer’s 2017 Edition

By Martine Saunders

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Updated 14/10/2022

Posted 22/02/2018

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Available now, The Top Key Influencer’s 2017 Edition
Usually a monthly report, this iteration is a free, in-depth look at last year’s key influencers

MARLOW, UK (20 February 2018) – Following on from Fancensus’ free top video games campaigns of 2017 released last week, this supplement focuses on key influencers’ performances of 2017. Normally a monthly report, this is an exclusive summary of the whole year, analysing year on year numbers, monthly breakdowns, highest views by product, territory and publishers, then detailed insights on each of the top ten key influencers from the year. Although showing a slight decline year on year, the report still displays how integral YouTube and it’s influencers still remain to the industry. Publishers can easily see exactly which territory receives the highest views, which games were the most viewed and more ultimately revealing those influencers that will generate the greatest exposure.

Downloadable now, for free, from Fancensus, the industry’s foremost analytics experts and is a totally unique summary of the top performing key influencers on YouTube in 2017, and the products and publishers they covered. “We have produced an invaluable report for all games companies wanting to utilise key influencers to help promote their products. It fundamentally reveals how much of a campaign is reliant on penetrating these influencers as well as in-depth analytics that have proved beneficial in campaign planning long term,” states Kerri Davies, Managing Director of Fancensus. Download now: