Why Are the Press Still Talking About Red Dead Redemption 2?


Last week will mark the fourth in a row that Red Dead Redemption 2 has lead press coverage, a feat only surpassed by the unstoppable force that is Fortnite. Incredibly though no other 2018 release has managed more than two consecutive weeks in the top spot, that honour going to Monster Hunter World and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. So what is it exactly that makes Red Dead Redemption 2 so interesting that press are happy to discuss and write about it more than any other game?

Normally this would be a tough question to answer, the ability to accurately analyse not only the quantity of articles a game has been generating but also their topic of conversation something no tool has been capable of.

Until now.

Using its ever evolving Fusion tool, Fancensus can help uncover the cause of spikes in press coverage – whether it comes down to a new trailer, a fresh patch or even if your game has generated some form of controversy. Take our example of Red Dead Redemption 2, we can now explore the content press published during week 45 and what it focused on. In this case over a quarter of all coverage the game received was related to walkthroughs, guides or tips. It appears the press see value in this type of content, gamers perhaps on the look out for help in a huge game packed with things to do and see.

Last week saw Rockstar reveal the dizzying shipping numbers for its western epic and it appears this has had an influence on the press, the topic the second highest of the week. While we’re seeing a lot of discussion about the game’s numerous features, characters and the world it’s set, it’s interesting to note how commercial information like this can prove just as successful and in this case even more so at generating coverage.