Week 49 PR Coverage Top 10 Sees Far Cry New Dawn Debut At No.8!

With only three weeks left of 2018 Fortnite is back in the top spot, a position it’s found itself most of the year. Will it manage to hold on in there and be the Christmas number one though? We’ll just have to wait and see. Most articles about Fortnite focused on the new season seven which launched during the week, although a sizeable portion of its coverage also came from mentions within articles about Epic’s new digital game store. Red Dead Redemption 2 meanwhile – still not out of the top 3 since week 42 – has moved down to second place with 20.5% of its coverage all about the Game Awards, followed by 17.9% talking about the online mode, specifically the online currency grind – an area Rockstar announced it would improve by balancing its economic system.

Into third – up from sixth – is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The biggest story was the revelation of Eevee and Pikachu being unlocked with Pokemon Let’s Go saves, but there was also a lot of focus on unlocking Bayonetta, and how to access other characters in general. The announcement of Persona 5 DLC also whipped up a high percentage of coverage, followed by reviews giving the best-selling iteration of Super Smash Bros. a worldwide average score of 93.6%.

It’s been all quiet for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in recent weeks, but it jumps into the top 10 at number 4 thanks to stories covering the all new winter map, the upcoming Resident Evil 2 crossover event and plenty of mentions in articles about the Game Awards.

Taking the number five spot – up from seven – is Just Cause 4, having received 141 reviews, securing 12.7% of its overall coverage and receiving a worldwide average score of 72.1%, so far.

Debuting at number eight is Far Cry New Dawn. As a newly announced entry in a popular franchise it’s not surprising to see it in the top 10 but perhaps surprising to see it so low. Press first leaked box art then covered the subsequent official unveiling, dissecting the initial reveal trailer. We’ll keep an eye on this and see if it can build momentum into the new year.

The press appear to have lost interest in Fallout 76, since week 49 sees it drop from third all the way down to ninth, with the majority of coverage it did get still on negative topics, although a new patch release generated 12.4% of its articles.

Bringing up the rear is Assassins Creed Odyssey, purely due to being featured in a huge amount of articles about the Game Awards, which made up 32% of its overall coverage.

It’s been a busy week for press, with around 2000 more articles published about the top 10 in total compared to the previous week, all thanks to lots of extra coverage for the Game Awards.