Top 10 Strongest PR Presence Week 16

Mortal Kombat 11 takes the top spot week 16 with general launch details being the most talked about subject, characters having dropped down to the fourth most popular topic.

Fortnite sticks again at number two with a huge 30% of the PR covering in-game features. eSports takes up a sizeable chunk at 7.8%.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order comes next at number three, in-game features are also the biggest topic of conversation for this title to, with 29.6% of its overall coverage going being taken up by the subject. General launch details are next in line.

New storm rising in-game event helps push Overwatch into fourth, with 14.3% of its PR covering details of the event. In-game features are close behind with 13.1% of the PR, followed next by eSports with 10.5%.

Assassins Creed Unity makes a surprise entry into the top 10 at five, this is purely down to the devastating fire in Paris that decimated Notre Dame as players pay tribute but also it’s reported that the game will serve as a template to help restore the famous iconic building and it’s interior.  65.3% of the games PR covered this topic.

Next at six is Apex Legends and at seven is Sea of Thieves as it reaches its one year anniversary it gets a new version which is gaining it some PR but its thanks to its mentions in most articles about the new Xbox One S All-Digital version thank it’s where it is on the list.

In-game features and Reviews are dominating PR for Anno 1800, which takes the eight spot.

God Of War is at number nine, mostly the press are talking about the freebies such as a new PS4 theme that has been given out to celebrate its one year anniversary. The fact the there’s no new DLC coming also took up a good size of PR and was the second biggest subject matter for the title.

Finally, at ten is Assassins Creed Odyssey with talk of new DLC topping the subject list taking up 28.3% of its overall PR.