Top 10 Games With The Strongest PR Presence Week 1

Week 1 2019 and the total number of articles was low all round, but with lots of people being out of the office for New Year celebrations this shouldn’t come as much of a shock. Unsurprisingly a large chunk of the PR last week consisted of a look back at 2018 and a look forward to what’s to come, or what might be to come!

Fortnite starts the year off strong, up in pole position. A decent size of its coverage came from LiveStreams, it’s a popular spectators game with 6.1% of its PR last week being generated in this way. Will it continue to dominate the press throughout 2019 as it did in 2018, or has interest peaked already?

Red Dead Redemption 2 comes in second with the main topic of conversation, accounting for 18.6% of its coverage, being all about sell through figures and sales patterns, mostly as mentions within more general articles about the best-selling games of 2018.

In third is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with lots of talk about characters, their moves, how to unlock them and new ones coming, making up the largest subject matter. PR around DLC was the next in line, which makes sense as these topics obviously overlap with DLC mostly consisting of new characters.

Like Red Dead Redemption 2 , Call of Duty: Black Ops III was mentioned in a lot of articles about best-selling games of last year, this made up 21.2% of its overall coverage last week and helped it into fourth place. The second most popular topic, with 11% of the coverage, was discussion around Blackout, its Battle Royale mode, with lots of speculation about it switching to free-to-play this year.

The only title to make it into the top 10 week 1, that hasn’t yet been released, is Kingdom Hearts III, thanks to its appearance in lots of articles about ‘most anticipated games of 2019’, ‘2019 major releases’ and similar.

In sixth is Fallout 76 with a lot of chatter about the new major update which allows players to trade between themselves. Coverage for Fallout 76 is now sounding more positive than it has been up to this point since launch.

Taking the number seven spot is Overwatch, thanks to plenty of PR around its eSports, with 42% of its coverage on this topic. Overwatch is the oldest game on our list, having been originally released in May 2016, it’s still generating enough coverage to make it into the top 10, demonstrating its sustainability and how eSports can extend a product’s lifecycle.

Battlefield V’s lower than expected sales figures was its hottest topic last week, making up 18.8% of its PR, mostly down to overviews of 2018, pushing it into eighth place.

Monster Hunter World’s PR was quite general with some focus on the Assassin’s Creed Cross over, with a trailer for the event having been released.

Finally, Fifa 19 takes the number ten spot as the team of the year nominations were revealed, although the largest slice of its PR, with 29.6% of its coverage, was down to sell through analysis and chart position details in articles about best-selling games of 2018 and how 2018 ended and 2019 begun.