Strongest PR Presence Week 23

PR in general is up from the previous week, with article count for every one of our top ten titles this week all up from week 22. Fifa 20 has had the biggest increase at 2969%, Fortnite has increased the least with 31% more week on week.

Having not been in the top ten since week 16, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has jumped straight in at number one this week! Event / Conference is the largest topic with 32.6% covering this, not surprising as time of its appearance in EA’s E3 stream was confirmed early on in the week, with stream then going live at the end of the week.  A trailer release made Trailer / Video / Gameplay the second biggest subject at 27.7%.

New in at two is Destiny 2 with 13.2% of its press coverage discussing Launch Details as news comes out of a free to play model incoming, plus a Steam version coming later this year too. In-Game Features was next at 12.5% as press covered news of cross-platform saving.

Holding onto third place is Fortnite with a wide spread of various topics, lots of mentions in articles where the focus is another game but Fornite is referenced.

Up one place from week 22, into fourth, is Apex legends. 27.7% of its PR is focused on Event / Conference, for the same reasons as Star Wars Jedi fallen Order, with EA’s Play Stream kicking in at the weekend. In-Game Features was the next biggest subject, taking up 15.2% of its coverage as some details of the new season and the Legendary Hunt event come out.

Also up one place from the previous week is Battlefield V, again Event / Conference is the most talked about subject, accounting for 19.8% of the games PR, all due to talk of EA’s E3 stream. Stages / Location / Area at 16.4% is next thanks to details and footage of new maps being released.

Fifa 20 makes its debut at number six with a huge leap in PR since the previous week. In-game features with 22.1% of coverage takes the biggest slice of the PR. There was lots of conjecture early on in the week, then more solid news of the new Volta Mode coming later. Next up is Event / Conference still taking a very decent 20.2% of coverage.

Seven sees Cyberpunk 2077 return after one week out. Yet again Event / Conference accounts for most of its PR, taking up 29.4%. In the first half of the week this was mostly due to mentions in general articles about E3, as there were lots of discussions and opinion pieces about what to expect and what people are hoping to see, plus news of announcements coming. Then coverage of the Xbox press conference hit Sunday before the week was out.  Celebrity / Key Influencer / Streamer was the second top subject at 14%, all down to Keanu Reeves appearing in the game and in Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Launch details were just behind at 13% with the confirmation of the release date.

At eight is Pokemon Sword with its largest share of PR, at 19.4%, going to In-Game Features. Launch Details came next at 17.7%, then another appearance for Event / Conference with 17% of the games coverage.

At nine is Pokemon Shield. We’ve rounded the figures slightly to make them easier to read so it looks like Sword and Shield shared exactly the same amount of PR, however in actuality Pokemon Shield’s activity count was slightly lower. Though like Pokemon Sword, In-Game Features took up the most PR with 19% going to the subject, Launch Details next at 17.9%, then Event / Conference with 17.5% of the overall coverage.

Another debut at ten is Halo Infinite with a huge 52.3% of its press dedicated to Event / Conference. There’s a big drop down to the next subject matter, Launch Details, accounting for 14.7% of its PR, then comes Trailer / Video / Gameplay at 13.6%.

There’s been a definite theme in the press this week, not surprising as we’re on the cusp of E3, with initial press conferences happening over the weekend!

We’ve seen plenty of change week 23 compared to week 22, with Death Stranding, the new Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, The Last Of Us Part 2, Pokemon Go, Mortal Kombat 11 and the Avengers Project all dropping out of the top ten.