Strongest PR Presence Week 22

Jumping straight into the top ten at number one is Death Stranding, its PR count has gone up a massive 1,272% from the previous week and has almost twice the number of articles of the second placed product. Unsurprisingly, Launch Details is the biggest subject matter taking up 20.6% of its overall PR coverage, as a long awaited release date is finally announced.

A new Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare takes second place. Its first official unveiling makes Announcement the biggest PR topic, accounting for 35.5% of its coverage.

Fortnite drops from first to third. In-Game Event and eSports continue to dominate press stories with each of them taking up 13.4% of the PR.

Pokemon Go reappears after a weeks absence all thanks to a special Pokemon press conference that took place, which was full of new announcements, making Announcement the biggest PR subject matter and accounting 33.6% of the games overall coverage.

Moving up into fifth from tenth in week 21 is Apex Legends. Announcement is the biggest PR topic at 14.2%, then Event / Conference at 14.1% as talk of E3 increases. eSports takes up 10.4% of the overall PR thanks to FaceIT announcing a new official Pro Series for the game.

Reappearing at six after a long time out of the top ten is Battlefield V. Stages / Location / Area accounts for the most amount of PR with 28.3%, due to a new map reveal.

At seven is The Last of Us: Part 2. Launch details with 32.3% of the PR is the most wide spread story as the current gen platform is confirmed for the game. Leak / Rumour / Speculation is up next with 31.3 % as press guessed at a release date being confirmed.

eSports related PR, with 48.6% of the coverage, keeps League Of Legends in the top ten for another week, but it drops from fifth down to eight.

Mortal Kombat 11 is at nine thanks to news of DLC / Content Update, with 28.7% of its press covering this subject.

Taking the last spot and another debut in our top ten week 22 is The Avengers Project. Event / Conference is the most talked about topic with a huge 40.4% of PR covering this, as Square Enix confirm it’ll be present and officially revealed at E3 this year.

There has been a lot of announcements this week and I’m sure they’ll be just as many, if not more next week with E3 moving ever closer. All these announcements mean we’ve lost Overwatch, Cyberpunk 2077, Team Sonic Racing, GRID, Days Gone, Rage 2 and Dauntless from the top ten this week.