Strongest PR Presence Week 19

Fortnite moves up a place to retake the number one spot after several weeks off the top. In-game event coverage took the biggest slice of the PR at 22%, next came the announcement for season nine with 9.4%. As usual the rest of Fornite’s PR was quite evenly spread among a variety of different topics.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint makes its debut at number two, as its initial announcement racks up 30.1% of the overall coverage.

Rage 2 has moved up two places from fifth into third all thanks to the launch trailer which accounted for 18.9% of its PR.

Another new entry at four is the Final Fantasy VII Remake with it’s announcement taking up 20.8%, followed by Trailer, as Sony’s State Of Play livestream debuted an all new one.

Apex Legends makes a reappearance at number five. Sales / Player Numbers tops the list of topics with 12.7% of the coverage as 770,000 players are banned and EA discloses it’s latest fiscal information. Development Details come next , accounting for 8.5% as news of EA bringing the game to mobile and tablets spreads.

Down two places into sixth is Mortal Kombat 11. The PR split between the top two subjects is very close. At 13.4% is Sales / Player Numbers which comes down to it being mentioned in lots of articles covering chart information as the game makes it into various sales charts. Then, at 13%, are Development Details as the team have been heavily criticized for a range of negative working conditions.

A debut for Minecraft at number seven as an announcement about a new AR version is released pushing up PR for the game. The announcement accounted for 28.5% of the overall coverage.

Days Gone falls five places from third into eight. Sales / Player Numbers is the biggest subject matter at 27.6%, this is thanks to being featured in charts and lists of best selling games. Then a big drop for the second subject, In-game Features, at just 8.6%.

Pokemon Go is another new entry at nine with 30.6% of its coverage dedicated to Characters with Detective Pikachu making an appearance.

Finally, in the number ten position and making a reappearance is Overwatch. 22% of its PR goes to eSports, followed by Stages / Location / Area at 15.7% as a new map has been made available.