Strongest PR Presence Week 18

Taking the Top spot in week 18 with a total of 1957 articles, up 947% on the week before, is Borderlands 3. Topping the subject for this game’s PR is gameplay / cutscenes with 21.7% of press covering this, thanks to the release of a new reveal trailer. Talk of in-game features accounted for 6.4% of its overall PR, with Microstransactions / lootboxes making an appearance as the fifth most covered topic, with 5.1% of the PR.

Fortnite is still holding on in second place. Week 18 sees in-game features as the strongest subject, taking up 9.8%, followed by eSports with 8.5% and then in-game event coverage at 7.6%. So still seeing a large variety of topics with fairly evenly spread coverage.

In third place is Days Gone with Sales / Player numbers topping the subject matter at 10%. There are still some reviews trickling in, making it the sixth biggest topic, with 92 articles taking up 6.1% of the overall coverage. It’s current worldwide average review score is at 73.8%.

Still here in the top 10 and at number four is Mortal Kombat 11. Lots of topics covered and all fairly evenly. In-game features just makes it as the top conversation accounting for 8.2% of the PR, but close behind at 7.1% are Bugs issues / Patches and also at 7.1% is reviews. Currently the worldwide average review score is 84.2%.

Next at five is Rage 2 with most of the press, 18.6%, covering Technical Specs, these are mainly just outlining PC system requirements.

The 2019 launch of World War Z is in six with its post launch plan details taking up 13.4% of its overall PR. Sellthrough coverage comes next with 12.6%.

Rocket League makes it into the top 10 with a huge 1900% increase in PR from the previous week. Its appearance in the chart and its large leap in coverage is entirely down to the announcement that Epic has acquired Psyonix, Rocket League’s developers. Due to this, developer details was the biggest subject matter for the game, taking up 22.5% of the coverage, followed by retailer talk with 18.8%, because as a result of the acquisition the game was pulled from Steam.

Also still retaining a position in the top 10 is Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Sellthrough coverage with 10.7% of the PR it top but interestingly the second most covered subject was Mods/Hackers at 10%, this is all thanks to one person who released a mod in which the Great Serpent had been turned into Thomas the Tank Engine!

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII just makes the list at number 9 with 10% of its PR coverage going to talk of in-game events. eSports pops up as the seventh most popular subject with 6.3%.

Finally, taking up the rear in the number ten spot is A Plague Tale: Innocence thanks to a new gameplay trailer being released. This drove coverage of gameplay / cutscenes, giving it the biggest slice of PR at 21.4% .

There are a few big titles that we haven’t seen much of recently, I’m looking forward to see if that changes next week. Maybe there’ll be a few new surprises!