The Top 10 Strongest PR Presence Week 11

Week 11 and Fortnite’s kept off the top spot for a second week running, this time by Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 which has moved up four places to take first. It’s seen a big increase in PR of 72% since week 10, unsurprising since it was launch week. 14.8% of its overall coverage was dedicated to guides/how to/walkthroughs, 9.3% covering a trailer and 7.1% talking about a very large day one patch. Notably low is the amount of reviews, they only take up 5.4% of the games coverage, but I’m guessing we’ll see that increased for week 12.

Fortnite may not have retaken the number one spot but it did claw back a place, up from third into second. Again we see an even spread of various topics being covered by the press.

Apex legends falls one place into third. Interestingly it’s fourth biggest PR subject, accounting for 6.7% of its coverage was that of celebrity/key influencer/streamer. This can be broken down even further into three separate stories; Top streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is out of action for a while due to scooter accident and subsequent required surgery, another streamer, Dr. Disrespect has criticised Apex Legends for being boring to spectators especially compared to the likes of PUBG, and finally, the biggest story within this subject area is the report that Ninja was paid $1Million for promoting the title. That’s a lot of coverage for streamers not even actually streaming the game!

Devil May Cry 5 is still here in the top 10, it didn’t drop right out of the list completely but has fallen to fourth from first the previous week. Perhaps not surprisingly reviews take up most of the PR, giving it a current global average score of 88.2%. Next comes guide/how to/walkthrough, we frequently see these as the biggest two subjects the week following release.

After debuting in the chart week 10, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice still had a place last week and moved up four places into fifth. Its launch trailer takes up most of the PR coverage accounting for 27.7%.

Making its debut at number six is Halo The Master Chief Collection, as week 11 sees the announcement of the PC version, this accounted for 38.8% of its PR and was enough to move it up into the top 10.

Talk of a battle royale mode continues for Battlefield V, moving it up one place into seventh. 35% of its PR was still focused on play modes, up from 23.1% the week before, but with less speculation this week and more certainty. That’s two weeks in a row this topic has dominated Battlefield V’s PR

Red Dead Redemption 2 has returned to the top 10, having last seen it here in week four. Play mode, specifically discussions around online, leads the press subjects with 16.2% of its articles covering this. BAFTA nominations being announced has made awards/rankings/lists the next top subject, with 9.1% of the PR, which is likely what has helped it back into the top 10. We have been seeing a fairly consistent amount of coverage for online over the last few weeks, but awards/rankings/lists is a subject matter that has not always been present as part of it’s PR in recent weeks and has definitely increased significantly during week 11.

We see another debut with Borderlands 3, in at nine, thanks to speculation as Gearbox appear to have teased its upcoming reveal at PAX East later this month.

One final debut in week 11 is One Piece: World Seeker, which was released on the Friday, 15th March. A quarter of its PR was covering the launch trailer, next 13.8% were reviews giving it a current worldwide average of 60.9%, unfortunately on the low side but we may see that creep up a little as more reviews are published. If it still generates enough PR to stay in the top 10 week 12, we’ll revisit the review score, see if it’s changed.

Anthem has completely dropped out of the top 10 for the first time since week three! Mortal Kombat XI, Days Gone and Playerunknowns Battlegrounds have also fallen off the list since week 10, though I’m sure we’ll see Days Gone and Mortal Kombat XI back before they launch as more details and assets come to light.