Strongest PR Presence Week 10

Fortnite’s lost the top spot again, only holding onto it for just one week this time. Taking its place, up from nine and with a 176% increase in coverage on the week before, is Devil May Cry 5, perhaps not so surprising as it launched on Friday week 10. Also not surprising that reviews account for most of its PR at 15.3%. Adding to the PR activities and definitely helping in it taking the number one mantle, was the release of a new trailer which outlined the story so far, it was the second biggest PR subject for the title with 12% of the overall coverage.  We often see new releases jump to number one and then fall out of the chart completely the following week, especially with the likes of Fortnite which never stays long off the top spot and other new releases in-coming, it will be interesting to see where on the list Devil May Cry 5 ends up for week 11 next week.

A 38% increase in PR coverage takes Apex Legends up four places and into second as it hit a huge 50 million players in just one month, which was the main story that press focused on, taking up 16% of the games PR. The next most talked about subject was in-game features, but interestingly the fourth biggest topic was eSports, is Apex Legends crying out for a proper, professional eSports league or tournament already?

Fornite may not be at number one this week but it’s still in the top three, is it ever going to drop to the bottom of the list, or even out of the top ten altogether? It seems nothing can stop it, the press just love talking about Fortnite, and most weeks see a wide range of subjects talked about and types of articles published, there are not often any standout topics that take up a big chunk of the PR, just lots of small slices which collectively, without fail every week continue to aid Fortnite’s success!

Not much difference in article numbers week on week for Anthem, but it has fallen two places down to fourth.  Unfortunately though its position is down to one main story, and not a very positive one. Almost 50% of its PR is covering bugs and problems with the game, specifically issues with crashing on the PS4, for which Sony is now offering refunds. The next topic, with only 9% of PR is in-game features, so clearly the large amount of coverage on the PS4 version crashing is what’s keeping it in the top 10.

An impressive 872% increase in coverage on the previous week has pushed Days Gone up into the top 10 for the first time, several weeks before its release. Can it build on that and stay on the list until its launch on 26th April? Curiously across its PR there’s a fairly even split of a mixture of subjects. 8.9% previews, 8.6% development details, 8.3% in-games details, 7.6% trailer, 7.2% news that its gone gold…typically when we see a spike in PR activity this far from release it’s usually because of one or two main stories, maybe a trailer drop, or a new announcement for example, so this is a little of an anomaly.

Battlefield V also saw a rise in its PR activities, bringing it back into the top 10 at number eight, having last made an appearance in week six. 23.1% of its PR was discussing play modes, predominately there was rumour and speculation about a possible Battle Royale mode inbound at some point.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice makes it PR chart debut at number nine. With it being released next week on 22nd March, the press were getting stuck into details about gameplay. I’m guessing we’ll see it again next week!

Week 10 saw four titles drop out of the top 10, both Pokemon Sword and Shield, which were only announced in week nine fall away after just one week on the list, similarly Dead or Alive 6 has also gone after a week. Overwatch doesn’t make the top 10 this week either, but we’ve seen that pop up and down a few times, it’s a game that never really goes away thanks to eSports and continued support of the title with regular new content.