Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 7

Apex Legends still sits in the number one position for the second week running, though its total number of articles has dropped by almost half. Reports of player numbers are topping the PR subjects week seven taking up just over 11%, can it hold on for another week?

Also not moving at two is Fortnite with the biggest slice of its PR covering the v7.40 update and the new season eight.

Into third from sixth place the week before is Metro Exodus and perhaps not surprisingly the main subject matter are reviews, currently giving it an average worldwide review score of 82%.

Another new release, Far Cry New Dawn, re-enters the chart at number four, having previously made an appearance at number eight back in week 49, 2018 when it was first announced. As you would expect, reviews also take up the largest percentage of its PR coverage. How tos/guides are the next big topic followed by coverage of the launch trailer.

Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 takes the number five spot with little over 40% of its PR detailing the open beta. There’s also a significant amount of PR covering pre-order offers.

A new trailer for Anthem helped push it into sixth. Just shy of 22% of its PR covered this in one way or another, next with 10 % of coverage came a combination of other launch details, though most of it was complaints and negativity around early access issues.

Jump Force makes its debut at seven, the largest slice of its PR, over 17%, goes to its launch trailer. A short Japanese live action trailer was also released, that took the second biggest slice gaining nearly 13% of coverage, followed by reviews taking up 9.5%, giving it a current worldwide average score of 60.1%.

Down one place at eight is Crackdown 3 with reviews topping the subject matter, taking up 22.5% of its coverage. Lack of multiplayer support at launch was next in line with more than 9% of the game’s PR.

eSports dominated the press for Rainbow Six: Siege, in the number nine spot. 30% of is coverage was on this subject, which mostly came down to the kick off of this year’s Six Invitational. Next with 8.5% of the PR was coverage of the forthcoming free to play weekend.

Taking the final number ten spot is Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII with a spread of many different PR topics.