Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 43

Top Ten Strongest PR Presence Week 43


As the dust settled from the Fortnite “blackout”, a new number one emerged in week 43. The launch of The Outer Worlds pushed the game to the top of the charts with the usual release week subjects being talked about. 14.3% of the online dialogue touched on the topic of reviews, 13.9% on guides and walkthroughs and a further 12.1% on DLC and content updates, which ties to the game being added to Game Pass.

Bouncing back up in the chart was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In second place after a week in seventh, Activision revealed a plethora of details about the game just before launch, inspiring a 141% increase in press coverage. The online discussion was 12.8% in-game feature based, 10.9% focused on trailer, video and gameplay while reviews made up another 9.4%.

Fortnite once again stayed in the top ten in third place. Storyline was a dominant topic for the previous week making up 18.6% of the games total PR. eSports contributed 8% of the coverage with Fortnite frequently being listed as a playable title at various eSports events.

Back in the top ten after a two-week absence was The Last of Us: Part 2. The postponement of the game’s release meant that a massive 70.4% of the PR was based on launch details.

Borderlands 3 finished in fifth with a 52% increase in PR activity. Bloody Harvest, Borderlands upcoming Halloween event was a popular topic, the events trailers, videos and gameplay accounted for 18.3% of PR.

Up two places on the previous week and in sixth place this week is Death Stranding. Celebrity, key influencers and streamers were the most talked about topic at 22% due to the announcement of Conan O’Brien’s inclusion within the game. 17.7% of Death Stranding’s PR was based on trailer, videos and gameplay and a further 12.6% on launch details covering both the games release date and the soundtracks.

Overwatch dropped from third to seventh. Blizzcon is around the corner, which was reflected in the PR, 22.4% of which covered the topic of events and conferences. eSports was next up with 16.1% followed by leak, rumour and speculation at 13.1% due to the rumours of Overwatch 2.