Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 43

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Strongest PR Presence Top Ten Week 43

Overall, it looks like press coverage dropped in week 43. Fortnite did however manage to pick up a bit of steam and secure first position. The breakdown of the coverage broke down in a similar fashion to usual with 15.5% on In-Game Events, 12% on Guide/Walkthrough and DLC/Content Update at 10.4%. The new weekly challenges and related in-game content were the main subjects discussed.

Dropping one position week on week and now sitting in second is Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. DLC/Content Updates was the most discussed topic for Valhalla at 16.8% as Ubisoft shed some light on the games season pass features. Like the week previous, Assassin’s Creed featured heavily in articles listing the line up of titles which will feature on the new consoles, content of this nature, under the Launch Details topic, made up 14.6% of the games PR. The Official Post Launch Trailer released by Ubisoft also led the Trailer topic to an 8.6% share of the title’s coverage.

After experiencing a 30% decrease in activity week on week, Cyberpunk 2077 dropped down into third. The biggest topic for Cyberpunk in week 43 was In-Game Elements at 13.8%, articles continued to talk about vehicle details from the Night City Wire stream the week previously. Launch Details was up next with 11.9%, news that Cyberpunk would launch on the GeForce Now service dominated this area of discussion. The internet darling, Keanu Reeves, has been a significant part of Cyberpunk’s marketing campaign and in the week a new trailer staring the man himself released. This led the Celebrity/Key Influencer/Streamer topic to a 11.3% chunk of the game’s press. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War managed to hold onto the number four spot once again despite a 23% drop in activity vs the previous week. The press for the game fell in a similar way to the week prior with Beta making up 23.3%, In-Game Elements another 16.9% and Launch Details at 12%. The main subjects discussed included; the beta, it’s Zombie Onslaught mode and the titles launch on next gen consoles.

Making a fifth-place return in week 43 is Call of Duty: Warzone. Warzone experienced a 48% increase in activity week on week, the Guide/Walkthrough topic was the most discussed at 11.4%. DLC/Content Update was up next with 11.3% followed by In-Game Elements with 10.9%. The Warzone press follows similar themes to Fortnite with new content being added and outlets reporting on it and then publishing articles on how to achieve tasks included within the content.

Despite achieving near enough the same amount press, Watch Dogs: Legion has jumped from tenth to sixth in week 43. As Legion nears launch publisher/developer Ubisoft lifted the lid on the kind of things players should expect to see when they get their hands on the title. In-Game Elements made up a hefty 37% of the games press, Launch Details, a further 11% and then Technical Specs at 10.5%. The bulk of the articles under these topics related to the info dump released by the team behind the game.

Seventh place belongs to our third CoD game in the Top Ten this week, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare frequently gets mentioned alongside its counterpart titles, the Beta topic was the largest for the title 14% as a result of being mentioned in articles which also spoke about the Cold War beta. In-Game Elements made up 10.3% of the Modern Warfare press as articles spoke about the Halloween content scheduled for game and Warzone alike. A teaser video released for the Halloween content led the Trailer topic to an 8.4% share of the press.

Ubisoft got their third title into the Strongest PR Presence rankings with eighth placed Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Demo was the most covered topic for Immortals with 21.9% as the trial period for the title kicked off. With the launch of the demo also came a look at the story of the game in the form of a trailer, this led the Trailer topic to a 15.4% share of the title’s coverage. Modes/Interface accrued another 10%, Fenyx Rising was mentioned within articles about Ubisoft’s newly announced Ubisoft Connect service.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is rarely left out of any Playstation 5 discussions at the moment and this helped towards the game securing ninth. Launch Details was a big part of the Miles Morales coverage at 20.9%, the bulk of this content spoke about the title launching with the new console. Characters came next with 10.8% as new details about the protagonist and his story were revealed. A rather interesting audio upload appeared on Youtube recently showcasing the audio which plays as you highlight Spider-Man: Miles Morales on a Playstation 5 console, this mysterious find was picked up by numerous outlets and this led the Leak/Spoiler/Rumour/Speculation topic to a 10.2% chunk of the titles PR.

Tenth position in our Strongest PR Presence Top Ten this week is Ghost of Tsushima, a title which has been in and out of the Top Ten since launch. The last time we saw Ghost of Tsushima in the Top Ten was just after the Legends update for the game was announced. In week 43 the Legends update launched which then led to a surge in coverage, the DLC/Content Update naturally made up the largest chunk of the game’s coverage at 19%. Leak/Spoiler/Rumour/Speculation followed as the second most covered topic with 18.5% which comes as a result of a Sucker Punch job posting stirring rumours of a Ghost of Tsushima sequel. 15.6% of GoT’s press fell under the Launch Details topic as outlets touched on the subject of playing the game on the new hardware when it arrives.