Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 39

Strongest PR Presence Week 39


The Last of Us: Part 2 had a huge press week with the release of new information at last week’s State of Play. Press activity for the game increased by 342% compared to the previous week. The newly released trailer, information regarding in-game features and confirmed release date made 32.9% of the games 2750+ press activities for the week.

Slipping into second place in week 39 was Borderlands 3. In its second week after release Borderlands saw a 36% decrease in PR activity. 19.2% of the Borderlands 3 talk was centred around the sales and player numbers. As with the week previous, guides, how to’s and walkthroughs remained prominent making up 7.9% of the conversation.

The ever-present Fortnite came in third in week 39. Fortnite had 10% less PR activity overall, talk of in-game features took up 13.3% of this slightly lower amount. A further 5.3% of the weeks Fortnite activity was based on the topic of in-game events.

Up one position on the previous week was EA’s sport sim behemoth Fifa 20. In-game features was one of the more talked about topics with regard to this year’s edition of the game taking up 11% of the weeks total PR activity. As is often the case with newer releases, reviews and guides made up a significant part of the games PR activity for the week at 10.3% and 6.5% respectively.

Death Stranding dropped one place week on week in to fifth. The announce of the Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro bundle was the biggest talking point for the game in week 39, it took up 18% of the conversation. Talk of the game “going gold” and thus nearing launch was 10.2% of the activity.

With a 27% increase in activity for the week, Call of Duty Modern Warfare was able to stay in sixth position. The new Story Trailer was the most talked about topic at 26.4%. Coverage of in-game features made up 15.5% of the week’s activity and talk of the beta dropped from 35.8% the previous week down to just 13.1% in week 39.

Mario Kart Tour launched in week 39 and made its way in to seventh for overall PR presence. 24.4% of the PR activity was based on launch details. In-game features and sales/player numbers then followed at 10.1% and 6.2% respectively.

Another new entry in week 39 was the newly released Code Vein, with a 401% increase in PR activity week on week, the Post-Apocalyptic RPG did enough to come in eighth. New trailers and gameplay footage were 14.2% of the PR chatter; a further 12.5% came in the way of reviews.

The Surge 2 was another non-mover in ninth, post launch reviews were the most common topic at 25.2%. Much like with Borderlands 3 guides, how to’s and walkthroughs were the second most talked about topic at 10%.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint rounds out the top ten after a 65% increase in activity. 24.4% of it’s PR activity was based around the beta which took place during week 39. Talk of new gameplay footage and trailers made up a further 12.5%.