Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 38


Borderlands 3 had the strongest PR presence in week 38, with 12.1% of its activity coming in the form of guides, how to’s and walkthroughs. A further 6.7% came from reviews which continue to trickle in after the games release two weeks prior.

The second most talked about game from the previous week was Fortnite. Talk of the Fortnite Batman crossover event made up 11.7% of the weeks press with an additional 6.9% talking about specific in-game features.

The newly remastered The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening had the third biggest PR presence for the week. Being the week of the games release it’s of no surprise to see that 17.7% of the conversation was based around reviews of the title, the average of which currently stands at an impressive 87/100. Trailers, video and gameplay contributed 13.5% of the total PR activity for the week followed by guides, how to’s and walkthroughs which were 13.3% of the weeks press for Link’s Awakening.

The highly anticipated Death Stranding continues to be a frequently discussed title, in week 38 it ranked fourth in terms of overall PR presence. A variety of topics were still in discussion from the previous week which followed on from the Tokyo Game Show 2019 where new gameplay footage was showcased.  12.5% of Death Stranding’s media coverage in week 38 centred around the aforementioned footage and another 5.6% came from talk of the event itself.

The fifth most talked about game of week 38 was Fifa 20. The early reviews for the game made up 11.3% of its pr presence, retailers fighting to make their offering stand out above the rest took up a slightly smaller chunk of the weeks chatter with 9.3%.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s open beta was made available to the masses in week 38 which contributed significantly to its sixth place ranking in the weekly PR presence report.  A hefty 35.8% of Modern Warfare based discussion in the week covered the beta as the main topic. In-game features made up a substantial 24.7% of the COD talk for the week.

In seventh place last week was The Last of Us: Part 2. Talk of the games inclusion in Sony’s State of Play conference created quite a stir and accounted for 35.3% of the total chatter. A Swiss retailer let slip the release date for the game, the discussion of the leak and the release date totalled up to 20.6% of the week’s The Last of Us: Part 2 discussion.

Gears 5 dropped down the rankings from the previous week, sitting this week in eighth. The topics of conversation shifted from reviews to launch details and content updates. 12.5% of the discussion was centred around details of the games launch whilst 10.7% talked about the games downloadable Batista skin.

In ninth is The Surge 2 which geared up for its launch with the release of its Symphony of Violence Trailer. The online discussion for The Surge 2 was 58.7% was made up of trailer based content. The Surge 2 saw one of the larger week on week differences with a 83% increase for week 38.

Finally in tenth place was Read Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar continued to roll out Frontier Pursuit content for Red Dead which amounted to 16% of the games online conversation for the previous week.  News of the games new PC launcher made up a further 10% of the discussion.