Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 34

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Strongest PR Presence Top Ten Week 34

Week 34 was a second week on top for Fortnite, the breakdown of the discussed topics did shift however. The most talked about topic for the game was DLC/Content Update for 13.9% as Season 3 drew to a close and gamers geared up for Season 4. The In-Game Events topic followed at 9.4% as articles spoke about the date on which the fourth season would go live. Next up was Launch Details touching on the news that Fortnite would of course be coming to the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, articles on this topic made up 7.8% of the game’s overall coverage.

A new entry snagged the number two spot, Microsoft Flight Simulator, which looks to be a tremendous success for its makers. Technical Specs was the driving topic for the title at 16.9%, content under this topic covered the specs required to run the game on PC and the release of a NVIDIA driver in support. Next up was Review at 14.7%, the topic explains itself. Launch Details made up 11.2% of the games press, the details of the games release on Xbox and PC were discussed frequently.

Another Top Ten newcomer made its way into number three. Gotham Knights the Batman title teased for what seems a lifetime was finally revealed. Trailer was the most covered topic for Gotham Knights as the first visuals for the game were shown at DC’s Fandome event, the Trailer topic made up 26.4% of the titles press. The Announcement topic itself came in just slightly lower at 25.7%. Alongside the announcement came a glimpse of how the co-op based title will play, the Gameplay subject was worth 17.9% of PR for Gotham Knights.   

Ghost of Tsushima made a return to the Strongest PR Presence chart in week 34, securing the number four spot. Modes/Interface was the dominant topic at 22.2%. articles spoke about the news that the title would be receiving an additional multiplayer mode. Up next was DLC/Content Update with 20.2%, postings under this subject spoke more in depth about what would be coming to Ghost of Tsushima alongside the multiplayer mode. 10.3% of the game’s coverage came under the Announcement topic, again talking about the content due to arrive in the coming months.

After just a 1% increase in activity week on week, Marvel’s Avengers managed to hold onto its fifth position within the Top Ten. At 31.1% the most covered topic for the game was Beta, the preview period for those who wished to try the game out took place in week 34. The second most discussed subject was Characters at 8.5%, data miners were able to uncover which additional avatars players will be take control of after the games launch. Up next was DLC/Content Update with 5.8% as developers Crystal Dynamics revealed the first DLC character, Hawkeye.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout continues to be a well talked about title, in week 34 it made it into sixth, a two position drop week on week. Quality of life improvements and news of a second season were well covered subjects for the title which led the DLC/Content Updates topic to a 19.3% share of the games press. The announcement of the second season itself also led the topic of the same name to a 11.9% chunk of the PR pie. The full reveal of the second season is due to take place at Gamescom, the Gamescom topic made up 9.1% of the titles press.

Whilst Call of Duty: Modern Warfare didn’t make it in to the Top Ten this week the newly announced Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War did, it took seventh. Announcement was the main topic of discussion at 31.8% followed by Trailer with 21.7% and then Launch Details at 8%, these all related to the reveal of the latest in the Call of Duty series.

Call of Duty: Warzone dropped one spot week on week, it made it in to eighth after a boost in activity due to the Cold War reveal. Articles about the Black Ops reveal and its connection to Warzone led the Announcement topic to a 18.2% share of the press coverage. Bug/Issues/Patch/Updates was up next with 16.8% after players struggled with numerous glitches and then a patch was released to counter them. 9.1% of Warzone’s coverage came under the DLC/Content Updates topic, the articles outlined what would be featured in the 66GB update that came to Warzone and Modern Warfare.

Another newly announced title made it in to ninth in the Strongest PR Presence Top Ten, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League got a full reveal again at the DC Fandome event. The topics broke down fairly predictably and looked as such; Trailer at 39.8%, Announcement with 29.4%, Launch Details at 12.2% and then a variety of other topics for much smaller percentages. All the articles touched on the reveal of the game and then looked more specifically in to the different topics they fell under as outlined previously.

Finally, in at number ten was Spiritfarer an indie title which shadow dropped as part of Nintendo’s Indie World stream and then subsequently launched on other platforms. As one might expect, Launch Details was the driving topic for the title, making up 37.6% of the coverage. Up next was Announcement at 18.1%, a lot of these articles were lists of games which were featured in the Indie World video. The news of the title also launching other platforms came with an accompanying trailer, the Trailer topic therefore accounted for 11.3% of the PR for the game.