Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 13

There’s been a decrease of coming up to 25% in the overall total amount of PR the combined top 10 compared to the week 12, so it’s been a quiet week!

With that in mind, even though it’s experienced a 6% decrease in PR week on week, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice has managed to move up one place into first. It still sees the same top two subject matters as in week 12. The biggest continuing to be Guides/How tos with 21.5% of coverage and then Reviews. There were 177 reviews published for this title week 12, taking the worldwide average review score up to 90.5%, a very slight increase since the week before. The third biggest topic was Livestreams, which mostly concerned speedruns and Twitch viewing figures.

Previously making an appearance at number nine and now reappearing in second after a weeks absence is Borderlands 3 with a huge 932% increase in overall amount of PR compared to the previous week. ‘Announcement’ was the main subject matter of the press, unsurprising since it was officially announced during the week. Announcements took up 13.6% of the PR, very close behind with 13.5% was coverage of the trailer, however there’s a lot of cross over here as a large amount of articles covering the announcement also included or referred to the trailer, as the announcement came out alongside a first reveal trailer.

Despite moving up one place into third, Fortnite experienced a 15% decrease in PR since week 12. eSports features quite high this week with 9.8% of the overall coverage, as more details of the Fortnite World Cup are released.

Down one into fourth is Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 with sell through coverage taking the largest chunk of its PR at 10.4%. Reviews, with 90 articles accounting for 9.8% of the PR comes next, followed by details of new content. Guides/How tos which was the biggest subject week 11 and the second biggest subject week 12 has now dropped to being the sixth most covered subject, with only 50 articles.

Mortal Kombat XI makes it into the top 10 for a second week running and stays put at number five. A new trailer was released which most of the press were talking about, this is exactly what you want from a new asset drop. 20.2% of PR covered the trailer, followed next by coverage of characters, though there’s some cross over happening between trailer and characters. News about the beta comes next, taking up 10.1% of the games PR.

Apex legends drops from first down to sixth, with an overall decrease in PR of 62% from week 12. Characters, in-game features and then play mode are the three most covered subjects,  eSports comes next. Talk of eSports around Apex Legends has been slowly creeping up over the weeks as there’s more and more interest in it, though it’s mostly just mentions in articles about other eSports at the moment.

Making its debut at number seven is Wolfenstein Youngblood. It saw a whopping 2119% increase in PR activity compared to week 12, going from just 26 articles to 577! 25.7% of press were talking about the release date and 22.5% of its PR was covering the new trailer. Perhaps not surprising since these two things were both released this week.

Days Gone makes a reappearance at number eight, having last seen it at number seven in week 10. Its reappearance can be attributed to a new trailer which was released during Sony’s State of Play show, as coverage for this takes up 43.3% of its PR.

An unexpected debut appearance from No Mans Sky at number nine comes thanks to the announcement of upcoming VR support. PR of this announcement took up 37.7% of its overall coverage.

Another debut comes from Iron Man VR, in at number ten, thanks to the initial announcement of the game.

Leaving the list after just one week is Cuphead, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been in the top 10 for two weeks, that’s now dropped off the list too and leaving the top 10 after appearing for three consecutive weeks is Battlefield V.