Rage 2 At No.1 In The Strongest PR Presence Week 20

Fortnite only managed to hold onto the number one position for one week this time, as Rage 2 knocks it off the top spot, up from third the previous week. Reviews take up the biggest chunk of the PR at 14.5% with the current World wide average review score coming to 72%.

Fortnite drops to number 2, varying coverage of season 9 makes In-Game Event the largest subject matter at 19%. In-Game Features come next at 9.4%, perhaps not surprisingly as there’s some cross over between these two topics.

Reappearing after one weeks absence and up to third from tenth is A Plague Tale: Innocence with 292 Reviews taking up 22.4% of the games overall coverage and giving it an average score of 83.4%. Launch Trailer comes in next at 14.8%.

Also reappearing after being out of the top ten for five week is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 as a new title update increases PR for DLC / Content Update, pushing it up to the top covered topic with 14.6% of the coverage.

At number five is Red Dead Redemption 2. Play Mode is the most covered subject, accounting for 23.7% of the games PR as news travels about the Online mode leaving Beta in the not too distant future. As Red Dead Redemption 2 still features heavily in many charts, Sales / Player Numbers is the second most covered subject at 10.4%.

Super Mario Maker 2 is in at six. Its appearance in the Nintendo direct made Event / Conference the biggest PR topic with 26.5% of the coverage. Talk of In-Game Features followed with 16.4%.

Holding a position in the top ten for a second week and up two places into seven is Pokemon Go. Also staying in the top ten for another week, but down one place into eight is Mincraft, with Announcement still being the top topic, taking up 29.5% of the overall PR, as coverage for Minecraft Earth grows.

eSports puts Rainbow Six: Siege at nine, with 23.2% of its PR, mostly due to coverage of its Pro League. Info. on new operatives incoming makes Announcement the second biggest subject matter for the game at 13.1%.

Lastly, a new entry at number ten, Grand Theft Auto V: Next Generation, as news that sales figures exceed 110 million the subject of Sales / Player Numbers is pushed up to the top with 27.5% of the overall coverage.