New platform feature

New platform feature distinguishes between an exclusive story and just a mention

Fancensus’ coverage tracking system is now able to filter results by exclusives or mentions within an article

25 January 2018) – To add to Fancensus’ wide range of in-depth analytics, their dedicated monitoring platform, Fusion, has been updated to allow subscribers to generate real time coverage reports that can sort results based on whether a media site has given their title full focus as opposed to the title only being mentioned within a broader, more general article. This allows companies to see exactly how prominent their coverage is, as well as which media outlets offer the best coverage levels vs any competitive title released or forthcoming.

Already able to separate and organise coverage data according to a variety of criteria, this new addition gives yet another level of detail to Fancensus’ clients, offering them even more control over the information they have access to. Company Director Kerri Davies adds, “As unique specialists in supplying a range of comprehensive analytics and market data to video games companies, we are perfectly positioned to understand the needs of current communication teams. This is one new element to help our clients make the most informed, critical decisions.”

About Fancensus:, founded in 2004, provides unique in-depth business and communications analytics, to video games and movie companies, globally. 2017 saw the company launch Fusion, it’s pioneering, bespoke platform offering, with an intuitive UI, which grants clients a real-time, fully customisable monitoring solution. Fancensus also publish free reports, analysing key industry events and a monthly publication, Tactics, which includes industry insights, opinion pieces and interesting stats. More information about the company and its services can be found at or

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