Press Coverage Analysis Week 47 Sees Fallout 76 With The Most Activities

Week 47 and Fallout 76 hits the top spot a week after it’s released, though with only around 1650 articles, a smaller total PR activity count than it had at number 2 the previous week. Reviews, which perhaps you might expect to be the biggest press topic the week after launch, were actually second with 17% of coverage and a worldwide average review score of only 52%. Unfortunately, the biggest subject matter, with 22% of the overall coverage, was negative reactions to the huge patch and related bugs and problems, but, ‘there’s no such thing as bad PR’…right?

Red Dead Redemption 2 overtakes Fortnite once again, moving up into second meaning it hasn’t left the top 3 spots since the week before its launch. This week the main topic of conversation has been focused on daily deals and discounts thanks to all the black Friday and cyber Monday promotions, though close behind has been lots of talk of sell through figures and retail chart positions.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate makes a return appearance in the Strongest PR Top 10, two weeks before it’s due for release. In at six, the press have mostly been sharing the short new overview trailer, with articles about characters and gameplay following behind in second and third respectively. Combined, these three topics accounted for just over 50% the game’s total PR coverage – perhaps not so surprising since the new trailer featured both characters and gameplay. However, a large proportion of the articles on these two topics have been focused around footage posted by people with pirated copies thanks to a leak. So not exactly part of Nintendo’s PR plan.

There were three new titles making it into the Top 10 last week. Firstly, Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, a game which we expected to see during its launch week, but instead scored less coverage than its smart phone sibling Pokemon Go. It was just a fleeting visit for the mobile game though, as there’s no reappearance of it this time round. Our second new entry is League of Legends, which begs the question, why? With around 250 activities – that’s 36% of the overall coverage – going to eSports related articles it would be easy to assume this is what has propelled it into eighth. However, this is a fairly average weekly count for eSports, so this can’t be the whole story. If we delve deeper we can see that the second largest topic, with 17% of the PR, revolves around merchandise, more specifically the announcement that Marvel Comics are working with Riot Games on League of Legends comics and graphic novels. All the other pieces of the PR pie each take up only 4% or less of the total coverage and are general subjects that always make some small appearance. So it’s clear that this new revelation is the key which drove a sizeable amount of PR for this product.

Finally FIFA 19 fills the number 10 spot with a huge 58% of its articles focusing on daily deals as a result of black Friday and cyber Monday. It looks like FIFA 19 was a favourite in the Thanksgiving weekend sales.