Metro Exodus Hits The Top Spot In The PR Top 10 Week 5

Metro Exodus topped the chart last week jumping up from sixth the week before, with 34.5% of its coverage dedicated to the discussion around retailers, largely focusing on Steam vs Epic and the revelation that Metro Exodus will be an Epic store exclusive.

Lots of guides and how tos dominate the press around Kingdom Hearts III, moving it up into second place.

Fortnite sees another drop in the number of press articles for it, having a total of 1350, that’s approximately 900 down in the last two weeks, since week three. It’s been pushed down from second to third, the lowest it’s been for the last couple of months. Is this a sign that its popularity is finally waning?

Resident Evil 2 the HD remake falls from pole position to fourth, there’s a good spread of subjects throughout the press, 14.3% are all guides/how tos, 11.6% of articles focus on the characters, 9.5% discuss chart positions and sales while 8.1% are reviews, taking its average global review score up to 90.7%.

Down from third to fifth is Anthem with a huge share of its coverage talking about the new public demo and all the hopes and expectations that comes with it!

Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 re-enters the top ten at number six and as you’d expect the beta is the main topic of conversation.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moves up three spaces to number seven, with 35.4% of the coverage still focusing on characters, how to unlock them and voicing requests for desired characters in future DLC. There was also a large amount of column inches dedicated to sellthrough, as the dizzying heights of 12 million copies was reached and it was branded Nintendo’s fastest selling game!

Mortal Kombat XI moves up one place to number eight, the confirmation that Kano will be on the fighter’s rosta and the fans request for Shaggy from Scooby-Doo to be included meant that 26.1% of the coverage was purely on the subject matter of characters. Other launch details came next, making up 12.1%.

Dragon Ball FighterZ makes an appearance at number nine and as with the previous two titles in the list, the main focus of its PR was all about characters.

Finally, taking the number ten spot is, perhaps surprisingly, For Honor. This is solely down to the announcement that it would become a Playstation Plus title from February.

A notable absentee from the top ten week five is Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s had a hell of a run, having maintained a position in the chart for the last seventeen weeks, since week 41, 2018, but now it’s nowhere to be seen! Will it reappear next week?