Its All Change In The PR Top 10 Week 9

It’s week nine and there’s been a big change around in the top 10, with Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII, Metro Exodus, Far Cry New Dawn, Kingdom Hearts III and Jump force all falling off the list, while Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Shield, Mortal Kombat XI, Devil May Cry 5 & Dead Or Alive 6 have all made cut instead, plus there was a big drop from first to fourth for Apex Legends, leaving Fortnite to move back into the number one spot. The overall number of PR articles across the whole top 10 remains fairly steady week on week.

Season 8 took up most of the PR for Fornite, not surprising as it was launch week for the update. The amount of PR talking about Fornite eSports has slowly been increasing over the last few weeks as more competitions and tournaments enter the scene.

Having consistently appeared in the top 10 since week three, Anthem now moves up a place into second. Interestingly the subject taking the biggest slice of the PR pie are reviews, but not actual reviews, ok, some of them are actual reviews, but in the most part the press have been talking about the reviews, about how low the scores have been and what it might mean for the title. 15.3% of its overall coverage was dedicated to this topic, that’s 213 individual articles mostly talking about other articles!

Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 is up four places into third, with two hot topics fighting it out for the lion’s share of the PR. The release of a new trailer has got a lot of people talking, which accounted for a huge 24.5% of its coverage, however, just in front taking up an even bigger 25.5% of the PR was coverage of the open beta. Ok, so I’ve misled you a little there, obviously there’s a big cross over going on as the trailer showed off the beta, so a lot of the articles were actually about both topics, however, the beta was a record breaker for Ubisoft, which added to its coverage putting it ahead.

In fourth is Apex Legends, still commanding a high amount of coverage at just over 1000 articles, with in-game features, most specifically excitement around a possibility of a respawn function being added, tops the subject matter, followed by coverage of a new character leak.

Making their debuts are Pokémon Sword in fifth and Pokémon Shield in sixth, not surprising since week nine saw their official unveiling in a Nintendo direct. The actual announcement was the most talked about topic for both, taking up 33.5% of the PR for Pokémon Sword and 33.9% for Pokémon Shield. Then came launch details which accounted for 21.9% of Pokémon Sword’s PR and 22.1% of Pokémon Shield’s PR.  Interesting to see a slight difference here, as a small amount of journalists choose to focus on just one of the iterations and not mention the other.

News of a new hero helped keep Overwatch in the top 10 at number seven, 42.4% of its PR covered this. eSports coverage was down a little for the title this week, but still the second biggest topic.

At number eight is Mortal Kombat XI, with talk of characters dominating the press and accounting for 44.8% of its overall coverage.

Devil May Cry 5 creeps in at number nine, mostly thanks to a new trailer drop.

Finally, taking up the number ten position is Dead Or Alive 6, 17% of its coverage was taken up by reviews giving it a current worldwide average score of 75.4%. The launch trailer was fairly close behind at 13% and perhaps a little surprisingly eSports made an appearance attributing to 3.8% of its PR.