How Effective Is Your E3 Campaign?

    As we dive into the manic throws of all game lovers favourite sweaty, annual get together that is E3, all eyes are on the games industry as announcements and asset drops are free flowing and the success or failure of a product could be made. Therefore the performance of campaigns, especially E3 campaigns are crucial, but how do you know how effective your campaign is? Analysis! Analysing stats, data, insights will show you how impactful a campaign is and not just how many consumers are seeing it, but how they’re reacting to it! Additionally comparative analysis can illustrate how your campaign is being received compared to competitor campaigns, or campaigns for previous iterations of the same IP at past E3s.
    However, the numbers can be easily skewed, therefore an impartial, unbiased breakdown is invaluable. That’s where we come in. We can provide a totally bespoke report, tailored to your specific needs, that is completely impartial and I’m not just talking spreadsheets! Here at Fancensus we have a top team of analysts and our own custom made software allowing us to quickly deliver an independent report solely relevant to your interests and presented in an easy to understand, attractively visual way. So what are you waiting for? No matter if you want to look at the PR for just one product or PR, Social, YouTube and Twitch for multiple products across the whole week of E3 or just for one day, order you very own customised E3 breakdown now.


Order Your Bespoke, Impartial E3 Report


Screenshot for illustrative purposes only, content and visual appearance of final report may vary.