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Our bespoke, best-of-breed analytical platform, paired with our unrivalled depth of insight, is a pioneering, completely unique solution that puts you in absolute control. Easily one of the world’s most powerful, intuitive dashboards, Fusion allows you to effortlessly monitor, compare and interpret complex, real time data in an instant.

Totally customise your experience to make the most informed decisions and stay one step ahead of the competition.

If you’d like more information about any of our services please call +44 (0) 1628 483 554 or email

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  • Fusion

    Communication Monitoring

    Communication is vital for building and maintaining brand awareness and is key for success. With well over 10 years of data gathered from print, online and social, our extensive analytics provide real time, up to the minute information allowing dynamic decisions to be made instantly.

    Services include:

    • Coverage tracking and reach, digital & print.
    • Asset monitoring & tracking.
    • Article type analysis including exclusive vs mentions.
    • % share of voice.
    • Historical data.
    • Social stats including the comparison of channel and page types to allow analysis of social activity by media partners, celebrities, key influencers and more.


    • Instantly compare to any competitive product released or forthcoming.
    • Breakdown of Facebook reactions to see % of positive vs negative.
    • Clear, customisable visualisation tools for easy viewing and interpreting of complex data.

    Not reliant on keyword searches.

  • Fusion

    Sales Management

    With real time pre-order and sell through physical and digital processing, you can be proactive in capturing opportunities.

    Services include:

    • Track number of pre-orders from the moment they go live.
    • Breakdown of % share of market per retailer, for sales and pre-orders.
    • Price tracking including competitive.
    • GAP analysis.
    • Digital and physical sales figures.
    • Physical Stock analysis.

    Blend and visualise pre order, digital and physical sales with any other data source including social for the most clear, customisable interpretation of complex data.

  • Digital Visibility

    Digital Visibility

    The vast volumes of titles now available on digital platforms means getting a title prominently positioned is the difference between success and failure. Understanding competitive trends and title placement will support long-term consumer interest. Tracking of itunes, PSN, XBL, Googleplay, Virgin TV, Sky Store on desktop, tablet, Set Top Box and more.

    Services include:

    • Compliance tracking.
    • Territory breakdown.
    • Price monitoring.
    • GAP analysis.

  • Fusion

    Custom Reports

    We produce a number of FREE reports during the year. Some are included in our monthly publication, Tactics (download the latest version here), other, larger reports on specific focal points within the entertainment industry are released separately. Our biggest reports of the year analyse E3 for the Interactive Entertainment industry and various promotional periods for the movie industry, however, we also run studies on many other relevant events including Gamescom and End of Year roundups. All our custom reports can be accessed here.

    Additionally we’re happy to produce one off, commissioned summaries on bespoke requirements, upon request. If you are interested in ordering something specific please email

  • Fusion

    New Features

    New features we’re working on implementing in 2018/2019 include:

    • Sentiment analysis – monitor the tone of your communications against your competitors.
    • eSports coverage – we already monitor specific tournaments for PR coverage but will be improving and expanding on this in the coming months.
    • Instagram monitoring – to be included with stats from other social channels.
    • Content Analysis, including Asset monitoring and ROI insight per campaign milestone.