communication monitoring

Communication Monitoring

Communication is vital for building and maintaining brand awareness and is key for success. With well over 10 years of data gathered from print, online and social, our extensive analytics provide real time, up to the minute information allowing dynamic decisions to be made instantly.
Services include:

  • Coverage tracking and reach, digital & print.
  • Asset monitoring & tracking.
  • Article type analysis including exclusive vs mentions.
  • % share of voice.
  • Historical data.
  • Social stats including the comparison of channel and page types to allow analysis of social activity by media partners, celebrities, key influencers and more. Facebook Twitter Youtube Twitch
  • Instantly compare to any competitive product released or forthcoming.
  • Breakdown of Facebook reactions to see % of positive vs negative.
  • Clear, customisable visualisation tools for easy viewing and interpreting of complex data.

Not reliant on keyword searches.