High Score Lineup 2017

Available now, High Score Lineup 2017


The industry’s only free, in-depth annual report on the top 50 games campaigns

MARLOW, UK (01 February 2018) – Fancensus’ first free report of the year contains detailed insights on fifty of 2017s biggest communications campaigns. Websites, media channels and social accounts were monitored worldwide, with PR, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter activity analysed to reveal the best communication strategies of the past twelve months, allowing publishers and developers to see overall campaign reach, territories with best coverage levels, length of campaign, average review score, plus other key insights that may have influenced or impacted their release. The information presented, along with the comparison with competitor strategies, provides valuable insight to support companies in making the most informed commercial decisions.

Published every January, the High Score Lineup is available as a physical, printed book or as a digital download and uniquely compares titles on an equal basis; comparing the same media sources and including data only up to 30 days after launch. Packed full of useful analytics, this year’s edition is even longer than past versions and covers many aspects of a communications campaign including average review scores, most retweets and most shares, through to strongest key influencer and number of YouTube views at multiple points throughout each products release schedule, to name a few. “We permanently monitor all major communication channels throughout the year, giving us a wealth of data with which to dissect all campaigns and compile this report. We believe it is an invaluable tool that would benefit all games companies in developing achievable KPI’s,” comments Ryan Janes, Fancensus’ Head of Global Insights & Analytics and author of High Score Lineup 2017. Download a digital version here: https://www.fancensus.com/roundup/hiscore_2017/ or to request your free hard copy email Martine.Saunders@Fancensus.com

About Fancensus: Fancensus.com, founded in 2004, provides unique in-depth business and communications analytics, to video games and movie companies, globally. 2017 saw the company launch Fusion, it’s pioneering, bespoke platform offering, with an intuitive UI, which grants clients a real-time, fully customisable monitoring solution. Fancensus also publish free reports, analysing key industry events and a monthly publication, Tactics, which includes industry insights, opinion pieces and interesting stats. More information about the company and its services can be found at www.fancensus.com or https://www.facebook.com/fancensus/
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