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Digital Visibility Data

What exactly is Digital Visibility Data?

  • It is now far easier for a digital product to launch, rather than securing valuable and somewhat limited space in a bricks & mortor retailer.
  • This ease has increased the number of film and game digital downloads available from online retailer sites.
  • In order to protect the investment in a product, understanding your visibility online is now more crucial than before.
  • We track digital download retailers across Europe each week to allow your product discoverability to be monitored against competitive titles. (i.e where products are located within the store.)
  • Additionally our data will also provide you with a fast and reliable compliance check for agreed marketing activities within your retailers.

When you say digital store, do you mean a whole store in its entirety?

  • This is dependent on the store and our client’s needs. Currently, in most cases we only capture specific areas and ‘rooms’ within a store.
  • We always capture the landing page from every store, which includes the main flowcase where there is one. Other areas may vary.
  • Exactly what is captured from a store is negotiable and something that we tailor to each individual client.

What exactly is a room & super room?

  • A room is a dedicated area on a page for a collection of related products. On the homepage they are usually displayed as rows, with each row containing multiple products based on an activity type such as New Releases, Genre Collections, Brand Collections, Price Collections, Coming Soon etc..  In some stores, clicking on the room heading, e.g. New Releases, will link through to another area of the store, containing all the products within that room.
  • Super Rooms are usually a completely separate, standalone page that links from an image, often within a sponsored area, on the retailer’s main homepage. The Super Room page is a dedicated area that contains multiple products in a promotion and is most often themed around a brand, genre or seasonal event. Branded super rooms could also feature soundtracks and other merchandise from the franchise.

What exactly is a flowcase?

  • This is a prime promotional spot, most often located at the top of a page, usually consisting of much bigger images then the rest of the box shots. The flowcase usually contains several images and will automatically scroll through them all, one at a time in a loop. Clicking an image in a flowcase will link either to just the product itself or to a Super Room containing multiple products that are in some way related.

How far back does your data go?

  • All our digital stores data goes back to mid 2016.

What types of stores do you monitor?

  • We monitor subscription based stores such as Virgin, BT TV and freely accessible stores such as GooglePlay, for movies, TV, apps and games.
  • We monitor a variety of store formats from iPad, set top boxes, Playstation and Xbox consoles through to web-based and Amazon Fire dongle.

How many stores do you monitor?

  • We currently monitor multiple localised versions of 25 top stores across EMEA territories including, iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, PSN, XBL, Viaplay, Maxdrome, Chili & more. For a full list please contact us on +44 (0) 1628 483 554 or email info@fancensus.com.

What if you are not monitoring a store we need?

  • If there are further stores you require, we are happy to add these at request, however, their inclusion could be dependent on the technical infrastructure of the store, and some stores may take longer to add than others.

When you add a new store will you only have data from that point?

  • Yes, unfortunately there’s no way for us to access previous versions of the store to collect product location or image data from an earlier date.


Processing and Use of Digital Visibilty Data:

How up to date is the data? How often do you grab data?

  • Data is collected from each store once a week, however we are open to capturing data more often if required. We also capture more frequently during high promotional times such as Black Friday.

What process do you use for gathering the data?

  • We have developed a bespoke engine that automatically captures the data at the same time each week. It utilises a blend of capturing HMTL and image recognition.

What is the process for sorting data?

  • Our custom-developed internal engine recognises and automatically links captured images and data to the relevant product.
  • Any brand new products not yet on our system are automatically set up and other data including studio or publisher, release date and any relevant metadata is automatically added to the product.
  • Our team of dedicated experts also check the automated system to confirm everything is correct.

Do we need to inform you of products to start tracking?

  • We automatically track all movies but you would need to inform us if there is a specific TV show or app that you would like us to track, as at the moment these are limited to a list of certain specific titles. All you’ll need to do is drop us an email with the name of the product you want us to add to our database and we will start gathering data for it straight away.

Does that mean I can look at competitive products as well as my own?

  • Of course. We treat every product the same so you will see the same level of quality tracking across all products in our database.




If you’d like more information about any of our services please call +44 (0) 1628 483 554 or email info@fancensus.com.