About Sales Data



Sales Data:

Exactly what Sales Data do you offer?

  • We track all types of sales-related data for all video game products across digital and physical stores, for the whole lifetime of the product from the moment pre-ordering goes live.
  • We currently track:
    • Pre-order numbers.
    • Sell-in numbers.
    • Weekly sell-through and stock figures (inc. gsd & gfk).
    • Daily sell-through.
    • Online prices and stock statuses (inc. competitor products).

How many retailers do you monitor?

We monitor:

  • >280 retailers for sell-through.
  • >80 digital online stores for price monitoring.
  • >165 physical online stores for price monitoring.

What territories do you cover / how many countries?

  • We cover 44 countries worldwide for sell-through including Export and LATAM.
  • We cover 53 countries worldwide for price monitoring including LATAM and Asia.
  • We can add other territories at request.

How far back does your data go?

  • Our sell-through data reaches back to 2006 and pre-orders back to 2012.
  • Our price monitoring data goes back to 2017.

What types of retail outlets do you monitor?

  • We monitor large specialist retailer chains and small independents, as well as large general retailers and supermarkets.
  • We monitor both digital and physical retailers.

What if you are not monitoring a retailer we need?

  • For sell-through, we can monitor any new retailer that you have an agreement with.
  • For price monitoring we can monitor any new online retailer at request.

When you add a new retailer will you only have data from that point?

  • For sell-through we can import historical data if you or the retailer can supply it.
  • For price monitoring we can import any historical data that you have tracked internally.

Processing and Use of Sales Data:

How up to date is the data? How often do you collect data?

  • Stock and sales data varies depending on product and territory. For the most part it’s collected weekly, however global sales data for new releases is imported daily, as well as comprehensive store-level daily data for certain US retailers.
  • Pricing data is collected weekly.
  • When and how often we collect data is negotiable and something that we can tailor to your needs.

What process do you use for gathering the data?

  • We have a relationship with ChartTrack, gfk and directly with retailers.

What is the process for sorting data?

  • Data is sorted automatically by our bespoke system and manually checked by our analytics team.

How can the data be viewed?

  • You can view all available data using our bespoke Fusion platform.
  • We can incorporate our data into your own internal systems via API or FTP transfers.

Can you incorporate our own data?

  • Yes, absolutely. We will provide you with a direct email address to email your files to. Upon receipt, your data will be automatically imported into our system.
  • We can also import your back-data/history.

Can I look at competitive products as well as my own?

  • Competitor products can be tracked for online price monitoring only.


If you’d like more information about any of our services please call +44 (0) 1628 483 554 or email info@fancensus.com