Fortnite Hangs On To First Place In The Strongest PR Presence Top 10 Week 50

Week 50 and Fortnite retains the number 1 spot, though with around 1000 less articles than the previous week. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, having roughly the same amount of PR as it had in week 49 moves up from third into second, with press mostly talking about either its huge success and record breaking sales figures for the series, or the Persona 5 Joker DLC that’s inbound. Red Dead Redemption 2 takes third thanks to a lot of talk around the as yet unannounced new game modes that have accidently been uncovered by avid players. Also hot is news pertaining to the next patch and lots of mentions in 2018 round up articles, such as ‘best games of 2018’ and the like.

Monster Hunter World leaps out of nowhere and into the top ten this week. It’s been very quiet on the PR front for Monster Hunter World in recent months, but now thanks to the announcement of a crossover with the Witcher, including the inclusion of Geralt, its makes an appearance at number five.

Overwatch comes in at number six, this is purely down to news surrounding eSports making up 29.3% of its coverage. A large amount of this was due to the 2019 scheduling announcement for the Overwatch League followed by lots of mentions in articles about Blizzard shutting down eSports for Heroes of the Storm. Additionally, there was decent coverage for a new law passed in South Korea banning boosting, where players boost other players account level. Second to eSports coverage was press concerning the seasonal winter wonderland event.

Number seven sees Kingdom Hearts III enter as the opening cinematic was released as a trailer and a limited edition PS4 bundle was announced. There was also a leak reported, but coverage of this predominantly came towards the end of the week, so article numbers were lower than for other topics, I’m guessing week 51 will see most press covering this story.

Another entry thanks to eSports this week, with 46.2% of its coverage going to this subject is Counter Strike Global Offensive, taking the number eight position. Most of the press were reporting on the shift to free-to-play with a new battle royale mode included. 6.9% of the overall coverage was discussion and speculation around a Portal Easter egg that was found within the new mode.

Fallout 76, in ninth for the second week running, though with around 400 less articles in total than during week 49, continues to attract negativity. Most of the PR has been concentrating on a new patch release and the unhappiness this has caused players due to Bethesda not declaring everything that was included.

Widespread coverage for eSports, puts League of Legends at number 10. So all in all eSports made a significant impact on PR during week 50, influencing several of the top ten entries.

We’ve lost Just Cause 4 from the top 10, merely one week after it launched, having only enjoyed two continuous weeks in the top 10 during launch period, not ideal for a new release. Far Cry New Dawn also dropped out of the top ten, only experiencing a brief, initial appearance last week as a result of its announcement. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds couldn’t hang on to a top 10 spot either, just popping in at number four in week 49 but disappearing again week 50.