Fortnite Back On Top In The PR Top Ten Week 21

Fortnite retakes the top spot, again! Though there’s actually been a very slight decrease in number of PR articles since the week before. Week 21 in general has been a quiet week with a lower amount of total articles making up the top ten. With season 9 continuing In-Game Event is still the most covered subject at 15.5%, but eSports jumps up to take the second biggest slice of the PR pie, just a little behind at 14.8%. This mostly comes from reports and chatter about the Fortnite World Cup.

Esports also features heavily for the second game in our Top Ten, Overwatch, though at 15% it’s only the third most talked about topic, with In-Game Features at 15.8% and Launch Details at 23.5% out performing it. Articles covering the subject of Launch Details are referencing the games launch due to an upcoming anniversary event.

New in at number three is Cyberpunk 2077, its PR coverage is up 283% from the previous week, with a huge 49.9% going to Event / Conference, all due to E3 talk starting, with some ‘what’s coming’ definites, along with plenty of speculation.

In fourth is Team Sonic Racing, Review is the biggest PR subject taking up 14.4% of the overall coverage, with a current World Wide average review score of 72.9%.

League of Legends reappears at number five after a long hiatus. This is clearly down to eSports with 43.9% of is PR dedicated to this topic. However, Development Details is also a hot topic at 28%, as many report on a mobile version being in development.

Down five places from the number one spot last week is Rage 2 with Review topping the PR subject matter at 20.1%, followed by Sales / Player Numbers at 18%.

GRID makes its debut at seven as its first official announcement racked up 34.9% of its overall PR.

With Days Gone still holding strong in lots of charts the most amount of PR goes to Sales / Player Numbers with 36% of its coverage, putting it at number eight in our Top Ten this week.

Another debut at nine is Dauntless, which sees its release this week, but In-Game Features is the top topic accounting for 23.7% of all its PR, as everyone gets excited about multi-platform cross play.

Lastly, Apex Legends reappears at ten after a week away, with Sales / Player Numbers being the biggest subject matter as lots of press report on a drop in revenue for the game.