E3 Spotlight: Top 10 Specialist Media Sites

I don’t think anyone would be surprised to see a US specialist media site at the top of a list for most activities during E3 week, especially considering the location of E3! So, then, no surprises that Gamespot takes pole position in the Top 10 and by some margin, but what is more surprising however, is that an Italian site, Multiplayer.it takes the next spot, in fact there are four Italian sites in the top 10, more than any other country has.

What can you draw from this? How does it help with your campaign or planning?

Well it reiterates that E3 is not just a US centric event, press from all corners invest their time, so there is plenty of PR coverage and marketing opportunities to be had Worldwide come E3 period and really the US sites aren’t necessarily as important as you think, there are many prolific sites out there, maybe relationships with other specialist sites need to be nurtured and invested in a little more. Granted that the US websites have a bigger readership with Gamespot’s circulation currently sitting at around 25.4M, nevertheless, readership numbers for specialist sites in other countries aren’t exactly insignificant, just look at number 5 on the list, Jeuxvideo.com, a French website who have a circulation of approximately 13.1M. Also interesting to note is a complete lack of any UK based sites making the list.

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