Complimentary Reports

The Gamescom Walkthrough 2019

The Fancensus Gamescom Walkthrough, looking at all things Gamescom 2019, including the top 18 AAA, A, Mid Tier and Indie titles with a breakdown of their press and social media coverage for the week of the event.

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Special Edition Tactics E3 2019

A bumper issue of Tactics looking at all things E3, including top 10 publishers, a breakdown of PR, Social, and video content, plus a detailed look at Key Influencers and their contribution to the weeks goings on. Also features comparisons to E3 2018. Subscribe For A Physical Copy

High Score Lineup: Top 100 Communication Strategies Of 2018 Revealed!

Featuring the most successful games communication strategies of 2018. Products are split into tiers, AAA, A, Mid & Indie, with the top 25 performing campaigns for each tier listed, enabling a fair comparison with similar products and a tier average. Also includes an overall ranking for all 100 products, best performing ongoing games and some […]

The GamesCom Walkthrough 2018

A one-stop guide covering a multitude of games both big and smaller, analysing their campaign performance during GamesCom 2018, across press and social media. Subscribe For A Physical Copy