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Top 50 Key Influencers Of 2018 Revealed

Featuring the Top 50 Most Influential Video Game YouTubers of 2018.

Find out who had the biggest impact and what games they feature the most.

Changes in ranking from 2017 shown, also includes some 2018 highlights such as monthly breakdown of top videos, plus top 10 products, countries and publishers with the highest views.


High Score Lineup: Top 100 Communication Strategies Of 2018 Revealed!

Featuring the most successful games communication strategies of 2018. Products are split into tiers, AAA, A, Mid & Indie, with the top 25 performing campaigns for each tier listed, enabling a fair comparison with similar products and a tier average. Also includes an overall ranking for all 100 products, best performing ongoing games and some […]

The GamesCom Walkthrough 2018

A one-stop guide covering a multitude of games both big and smaller, analysing their campaign performance during GamesCom 2018, across press and social media. Subscribe For A Physical Copy

Fancensus Youtube Influencer 2017

2018 YouTube Influencer Report Now Available 2018 YouTube Influencer Report Now Available