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A Machine Learning Sentiment Analysis Tool Released For Premier Analytical Platform, Fusion

Other new features also included in the update. Entertainment analytics has just got even better!

MARLOW, UK (15 May 2018) – Fancensus’ pioneering, bespoke analytical tool Fusion sees its first major update since its launch in September 2017. Several big new features have been added, along with many smaller optimisations. The all-new sentiment functionality enables PR activities to be categorised into positive, negative or neutral, a first step into machine learning for full automation of sentiment analysis to follow down the line. Facebook Reactions enhances this sentiment insight even further, allowing users to filter the interactions with posts by type of reaction, going beyond just the number of likes. Lastly, the introduction of a word cloud function enables a visualisation of the top used words on press sites or social relating to any particular product, again highlighting any positive or negative reactions.

As Fancensus gathers data on all video games, from independent through to AAA products, past, present and unreleased, Fusion now provides an immediate Gap analysis insight, giving clients the ability to directly compare the campaigns of two products, with a clear colouring system providing instant, visual results. Other smaller additions include the ability to schedule reports for a specific time and day with multiple email recipients, the facility for the user to create their own bespoke groupings of data to view EMEA together or plot Europe to USA instantly, plus various security, speed and overall performance enhancements.

Fusion was launched Q3 last year and is Fancensus’ custom-built, totally unique analytical platform that puts the user in complete control. Easily one of the World’s most powerful, intuitive dashboards, Fusion allows you to effortlessly monitor, compare and interpret complex, real time data in an instant. “Our deep understanding of the video games sector enables us to offer clients a bespoke service that no other media monitoring agency can provide” Kerri Davies Managing Director and Founder of Fancensus commented. She continued, “Each one of our new features are driven by client feedback and our flexible Fusion platform offers such a pioneering approach that appeals to PR manager through to upper management. Being involved in a fast moving industry means we are always striving to give more meaningful tools and still have many exciting new ideas to implement over the coming months, widening the gap even further between us and our competitors”

About Fancensus:, founded in 2004, provides unique in-depth business and communications analytics, to video games and movie companies, globally. 2017 saw the company launch Fusion, it’s pioneering, bespoke platform offering, with an intuitive UI, which grants clients a real-time, fully customisable monitoring solution. Fancensus also publish free reports, analysing key industry events and a monthly publication, Tactics, which includes industry insights, opinion pieces and interesting stats. More information about the company and its services can be found at

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