Borderlands 3 Reaches Top Spot In PR Top 10 Week 14

Taking the top spot week 14 and up one place is Borderlands 3 with press mostly talking about the release date, followed by reports of and reactions to the news that the PC version will be exclusive to the Epic store.

Creeping back up towards that coveted number one position is Fortnite, up one place from third the previous week. There was a large amount of PR this week surrounding a celebrity, unfortunately it was a negative story as Prince Harry was calling for the game to be banned due to it allegedly being addictive.

Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 also moves up one place, into third. Week 14 see a fairly even split of a variety of subjects. DLC /content update is the most at 9.8%, as the first major update was revealed. Play mode comes next at 7.9%, there’s some cross over here as DLC discussion also delves into play modes and in-game details, however there were also other in-game play elements, separate from the DLC being covered.

Falling three places all the way from first in week 13 is Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Guide/how tos still remaining as the biggest subject matter for the third week running, taking up a little over 15% of the coverage. Play Mode is the second biggest PR topic accounting for 13.9% of the games PR, which mostly consisted of articles discussing the difficultly and the lack of an easy mode. Still a few more reviews creeping in, it’s the fifth biggest topic with 85 articles accounting for 6.1%.

Standing still for a third consecutive week at number five is Mortal Kombat XI. Week 14 sees Characters jump back up to the top subject matter after being displaced the week before by a new trailer being released. There’s been a good level of consistent ongoing PR coverage for this title over the past few weeks, it’s doing well in maintaining a strong momentum so far out from release.

Apex Legends also stays put for another week at six. Play mode is the most talked about subject with 17.3% but this is mostly due to it being mentioned in articles talking in general about battle royale mode and play mode comparisons with Fortnite.

Returning to the top 10 for the first time since week eight is Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII. Its reappearance comes from press discussing ‘play mode’ as a new map arrives and it goes free to play for a month. This one subject took up a huge 47.6% of its PR for the week.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been in and out of the top 10 recently, it didn’t make an appearance week 13 but did week 12 and it’s back in again this week at number eight. Play Mode is the most covered subject as a new online mode is released.

Debuting in at number nine is Nintendo Labo, this is purely down to the announcement of Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild getting Labo VR support. 36% of its PR for week 14 was focused on this.

Finally, another debut at number 10 is Rage 2, interestingly Guide/how to is the biggest subject being reported on, with 12.8% of the PR. It’s very unusual for this subject matter to gain much press coverage before release, especially several weeks before release, we’re not due to see Rage 2 hit the shelves until 14th May! However, this is easily explained as an in-game cheat system was unveiled, cheat codes were released, along with details of what some of the cheats will unlock. Week 14 also saw a new trailer released for Rage 2, this was the second biggest subject covered by press, taking up 11.3% of the overall PR for the game.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Day’s Gone, No Man’s Sky and Iron Man VR all leave the top 10 after appearing for just one week.