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4 April 2018) – Fancensus relaunches their complimentary monthly publication, TACTICS, with a brand new design and layout, packed full with even more industry analysis than before. Still included are lists of top ten games based on PR performance and social media and a more detailed spotlight on one stand out game, but now also featuring an exclusive look at indies and a breakdown of key influencers, plus some general industry titbits, providing valuable insight to support companies in making the most informed commercial decisions. There’s no better place to get all the latest data on the previous month’s goings on!

Published monthly, TACTICS is available as a physical, printed magazine or as a digital download and uniquely compares titles on an equal basis; comparing the same media sources and including data for the previous calendar month. Packed full of useful analytics, now with even more content and a fresh new look. “We’re genuinely excited to be relaunching TACTICS, it’s clean, simplified new design gives more accessibility, making it easy to pick out vital analytics, whilst it’s enhanced content offers even more insights giving companies a deeper understanding of our industry,” comments Ryan Janes, Fancensus’ Head of Global Insights & Analytics and author of TACTICS. PR, social and YouTube are all covered, including average review scores, strongest PR presence, most retweets, most shares and highest YouTube views for AAA games and indies, plus a look at key influencers with a spotlight on one top influencer. Also including review summaries of four new releases, a forthcoming release schedule and standalone interesting insights such as hardware focus and busiest week for PR, to name a few. “We permanently monitor all major communication channels, giving us a wealth of data with which to dissect all campaigns and compile our monthly TACTICS magazine. We believe it is an invaluable tool that would benefit all games companies in their communication planning and business decisions,” states Martine Saunders, Fancensus’ Project & Operations Manager.
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About Fancensus: Fancensus.com, founded in 2004, provides unique in-depth business and communications analytics, to video games and movie companies, globally. 2017 saw the company launch Fusion, it’s pioneering, bespoke platform offering, with an intuitive UI, which grants clients a real-time, fully customisable monitoring solution. Fancensus also publish free reports, analysing key industry events and a monthly publication, Tactics, which includes industry insights and interesting stats. More information about the company and its services can be found at www.fancensus.com

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