Apex Legends Takes The No.1 Spot In The PR Top 10 Week 6

Apex Legends leaps out of nowhere to take the top spot and by a huge margin of approximately 1900 articles! Unsurprisingly the main topic of conversation throughout the press, taking up 16.5% of its coverage was centred around it’s gameplay, specifically that it’s a battle royale game, a genre that’s proving very popular at the moment. 10.2% of its PR was reporting player numbers with big milestones having already been hit by the end of the week.

Fortnite, back up to second from third the previous week, mostly due to it being mentioned in lots of articles about Apex Legends. It’s considered the benchmark for battle royale games, so the new arrival on the scene was naturally compared to it. Lots of press also reporting on the Marshmello concert and its apparent viewership of 10 million players.

In spot three up from sixth the week before is Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2, with 25.3% of its articles discussing the beta followed by 8.9% talking about the end game.

Kingdom Hearts III drops two places from second into fourth, with just over 20% of it’s PR focused on sell through figures. There’s still a few reviews coming out, these account for 10% of its overall coverage, giving it a current worldwide average review score of 84.6%.

Anthem stays put in fifth position, with fairly evenly spread coverage, 11.1% was connected to the launch trailer, 10% the storyline, 9.1% concerned other more general trailers, 8.4% was still reporting on the demo and 7.6% covered DLC/post launch content. The PR has been diluted a bit since last week with less attention to any one area, is this a good thing? We’ll see!

Falling all the way down to sixth, from first place week five is Metro Exodus. Coverage based on trailers accounted for 28.6% of its PR, next at 14% was details of characters, however there’s some overlap here as a trailer, Artyom’s Nightmare, was released which focuses on the main character, so lots of coverage about characters also featured the trailer or analysis of the trailer.

The February line up for the Xbox Game Pass dominates the PR articles for Crackdown 3, pushing it into the top ten at number seven. The launch trailer comes in as the second biggest PR subject followed by other general launch details.

Standing still at eight is Mortal Kombat XI with announcements and speculation around characters continuing to dominate taking up 37.4% of its PR.

Reappearing in the top ten at number nine is Battlefield V, with information on the co-op mode coming out plus lots of coverage for several retailer promotions and discounts.

Finally, also reappearing on the list, at number ten is Devil May Cry 5, mostly down to the release of a demo. There was also an interview with the game’s director Hideaki Itsuno which made up 9.4% of its coverage.

The combined total number of press articles up significantly week on week from week 5.
Resident Evil 2 the HD remake, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Dragon Ball FighterZ and For Honor have all dropped out of the top ten in week 6, will any of them make a reappearance next week?