Apex Legends Returns To No.1 In The PR Top 10 Week 12

Apex Legends moves up two places returning it to the number one spot after previously claiming position for three weeks from week six through to eight. The kick off of season 1 was the biggest subject taking up almost 20% of the games PR coverage, then can PR for the introduction of a new character with 13% of coverage.  Apex Legends hasn’t been out of the top 10 since week six when it first made a sudden appearance.

In second is Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, having moved up three places from fifth. Not surprising for launch week guides/how to/walkthrough and Reviews are the two most covered subjects. 15.2% of its coverage going to the former and 11.3% going to the latter. That’s a total of 246 reviews in one week, which has taken its average global review score to 90.4%

Falling two places from the top spot week 11 is Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2. As predicted in last week’s Strongest PR Presence blog entry the number of reviews has increased quite considerably, taking the largest chunk of PR. There were 254 review articles making up just over 16% of the overall coverage, the worldwide average review score currently stands are 83.9%. Guides/how to/walkthrough which was the biggest PR subject for this title week 11 is the second biggest subject week 12, taking up 12.4% of coverage.

Fortnite’s PR saw a drop of 17% from the previous week, taking it down two places from second into fourth that makes it three weeks since it was last top of the list. Again this week there were no stand out subjects. Fortnite has had a position in the top 10 every week so far this year!

Mortal Kombat XI reappears having only been out of the top 10 for a week. Characters are the most talked about topic, coverage of the confirmed beta dates isn’t far behind and the new trailer, with just over 14% of the games PR was the third most covered subject. It’ll be interesting to see how this changes in the coming weeks as we creep nearer release.

Making an unexpected debut at number six, with an increase in PR activity of a whopping 17,360% from the previous week is Cuphead. This massive leap from almost no PR activity to number six in the top 10 is purely down to the announcement of a Switch version. I doubt we’ll see it again in week 13!

Despite a 23% increase in PR activity, Battlefield V stays put in seventh.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey makes a reappearance at number eight, having previously appeared on the list in week three. This reappearance is thanks to it being mentioned in many and most of the articles covering the unveiling of Google’s Stadia.

At nine is Doom Eternal thanks of Bethesda’s announcement of its E3 press conference and the confirmation that Doom Eternal will be featured in it.

Finally, Red Dead Redemption 2 is last on the list, just clinging on to a top 10 spot.

After three consecutive weeks in the top 10 and having been number one for week 10, Devil May Cry 5 has now dropped off the list. Halo The Master Chief Collection, Borderlands 3 and One Piece World Seeker all made a brief appearance in the top 10 week 11 but have now also been pushed out.