Strongest PR Presence E3 Week

Unsurprisingly and quite predictably PR activity is up a huge amount from week 23 and the subject of Event / Conference features heavily throughout all press, what with it being E3 week ‘n all!

Up six places all the way into first is Cyberpunk 2077, with Event / Conference taking up 29.3% of its overall PR, followed by Celebrity / Key Influencer / Streamer at 14.2% thanks to the appearance of Keanu Reaves in the Xbox Conference, and subsequent related coverage. Trailer / Video / Gameplay comes in next at 8.0%.

Reappearing at number two after a few weeks out is the Final Fantasy VII remake. Event / Conference takes the biggest slice of the PR at 33.2%, next comes Trailer/ Video/ Gameplay with 15.9% of the coverage and then Launch Details with 15.3%.

Debuting at number three is Watch dogs legion, again Event / Conference is the most covered subject taking up 32.3% of PR and Trailer / Video / Gameplay is next with 25.1%.

At number four is Marvel’s Avengers which also sees Event / Conference as the biggest PR topic, followed by Trailer / Video / Gameplay, taking up 25.9% and 21.8% of coverage respctively.  In-Game Features comes next accounting for 10.3%.

Doom Eternal is in at five with the same top two subjects. Event / Conference was being talked about by 35% of press and Trailer / Video / Gameplay by 15%. In-Game Features was next taking up 12.2% of the PR, then came Launch Details at 12%.

Fortnite still holds a place in the top ten but has dropped three places to six. Breaking the trend this week, In-Game Features takes the biggest slice of the PR at 12.4%, then comes In-Game Event with 11.5% and Development Details at 8.9%.

In at seven is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Unsurprisingly Event / Conference is the top subject again, taking up 45.8% of its overall coverage, then comes Trailer / Video / Gameplay at 17.8%. Now a slight deviation as the third biggest subject is Demo / Early Access / Beta accounting for 10.1% of its PR.

Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild sequel makes its debut at number eight. As is the common theme this week Event / Conference is the most reported taking up 31.3% of the PR, then Trailer / Video / Gameplay is next with 26.4%, followed by Development Details at 22.2%.

Another debut at number nine, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Interestingly, In-Game Features tops the topic list taking up 19.1% of the games PR, then comes Event / Conference with 18.3%, followed by Launch Details at 12.2% and not far behind, Special Editions taking 9.9% of the overall coverage.

Finally Elden Ring takes up the last spot in week 24’s top ten. Following the theme of the week, Event / Conference is the most talked about topic with 36.5% of press covering this. Trailer / Video / Gameplay comes next with 16.7%, followed by In-Game Features at 9.7%.

There is a very definite pattern this week with Event / Conference being by far the most covered subject, with Trailer / Video / Gameplay coming up in second. This is not surprising with E3 taking place this week, though I would have thought we’d have seen Launch Details pop up more than it has done.

Eight titles that made the top ten last week have been replaced this week!